Christmas 2008
Myrtle Beach, SC

We had a great time at the beach and the weather was spectacular. We rented a 2 bedroom condo for 5 nights and lucked out with the penthouse level, floor 14, with an awesome view of the ocean. We spent Christmas eve decorating our tree, baking cookies and preparing for Santa's arrival. Christmas day was spent out on the beach and indoors playing with gifts. Christmas night we had dinner at Medieval Times and the entire family had a blast! The next morning Lars wrote a note that his favorite thing was Medieval Times (click here to see note). The day after Christmas, the kids really enjoyed going to Build-A-Bear and making their "lovies" and spending their gift cards. We were at the beach every day, but Sunday was the favorite day by far. We spent about 2 1/2 hours making a sand castle, lake and moat. It was about 70' and sunny, so it couldn't have been more perfect. We collected sea shells and went for a dip in the ocean, as we did every day.

Getting prepared for Santa's arrival

Time to trim our travel tree

Singing Christmas songs

Anya showing off the ornament she made for us

Christmas morning and Santa found us in Myrtle Beach!

Anya loved her new "towel with sleves"

Lars just loved the snow globe

Time to enjoy some of the gifts

Can you guess what gift she played with? She loves make up

Collecting sea shells and playing

Time for some sand art. This occupied our time well over an hour and saved loads of trees. Think of all the paper we didn't need to use.

Time for a dip, again. It was freezing cold and the kids "accidentally" go in with their clothes and coats.

Mommy and Daddy to the rescue! Strip down the kids and into our pull overs.

The hotel had 2 great indoor water parks, so we spent plenty of time there too.

The huge bucket of water fills up, then dumps over and covers you.

Water slides were great

Christmas dinner at Medieval Times

The entrance to the castle

Anya with the Princess

A margarita fit for a king and the queen had some too! Alan and I met over a big Margarita just like this in Cozumel.

The Wagoner Family Cheering for the Green Knight (the bad guy)

Lars had a blast

Yep, we just had to buy the pictures

Our knight tossed a carnation and Anya caught it. She was just as happy as could be.

Time to build our bears

First we fill it

Then time for a bath and fluff

Ta da! a perfect bear and elf monkey

goofin' around at the bordwalk

We just arrived back to the hotel and the kids were changing their build a bear clothes.

races at the beach

mommy had to race too

another dip in the ocean

Anya loved the tractor

Our room was so high it was above the morning fog.

gotta chase the sea gulls

we brought some old bagels too

Anya sitting in the middle of her name and our hotel in the back ground

A little cold dip in the ocean

The beginnings of our sand castle

Heidi decided to leave a note for the kids to see from the hotel balcony

This one is for hubby too

Mommy's turn to chase the sea gulls

Finally about 6 hours later, the tide came back in and filled our lake and moat.