Washington DC
Memorial Weekend 2010

We sure had a great time.  We arrived late Friday night and checked into the hotel We were up at 7am Saturday and off to breakfast and then to the White House for our reserved tour. We don't have pix, 'cause they wouldn't let us bring a camera.  I highly recommend making a request for a tour months in advance, this will save you from waiting in all of the long lines.  We cleared through the 1st Secret Service check point and then through 2 more.  Now we were on the grounds of the White House and entering through the side.  It was beautiful and it was great to hear and read about all of the rooms and the activities that go on during a "regular" day.  At one point Anya crosses her arms and asks "So, when are we going to see the President anyway?"  LOL   It was cute.  The rest of us on the other had soaked up every detail in the room, walls, trim, lighting etc.  Lars just loved all of the pictures of past presidents and he knew about most of them in some detail (our little book worm studied on his own in anticipation of the trip).

The remainder of the weekend is captured below.  :-)

Treasury Building, we started our day here to pass through about 3 secret service checkpoints to get into the tour of the White House.

Double Decker Bus right in front of our hotel, a great way to see the city with kids.

It was quite fun riding up top and weather was overcast, so not too hot.

Lots of play and snuggle time too.

Capitol building - we had a tour scheduled but opted to explore more of the city instead.

Lunch in Union Station

We had fun at Union Station, the building was gorgeous!

Afternoon and now the bus is packed.

goofy parents

Hopped of the bus and explored the science museum

Of course Lars had to try "Space Ice Cream". Kind of a freeze dried ice cream sandwhich. Thanks for the recommendation BJ Clements. :-)


We were in the flight and wind area and palyed with all of the activities

Time for the full walk down the Mall. Of course Alan had to show off how big and strong he was.

Like father, like Son

the kids had a blast running free down the mall, much better than sitting on the bus.

Washington Monument, up close and personal

Now to our next point of interest, way at the other end of the mall

War memorial

Reflection Pool

Lincoln Memorial


What a great day!

Still going strong, time to take the bus back to the hotel and get ready for dinner.

The back side of the White House from the bus.

It was a long day, but dinner family is yet to come

Yeah dinner with Cousins Sandi and Paul. The kids were just tickeled to see them.

Next day back at Union Station

Time for the subway ride back to hotel. We found out there was a big Memorial Day concert and parade on the Mall and the bus was no longer running.

Dupont Circle Station near hotel

We instead went for a drive along the Potomac River. We were in search of a swim spot as it was clear, sunny and hot today. No luck, but we call Sandi

We met up with Sandi and Paul at there house. Girls and kids went to club house for lunch and then pool. Men watched races and went for joy ride.

Kids still had enough energy that night for a rough pillow fight. It was a great vacation.