Southern England

It was really cold this weekend and it felt like Thanksgiving. We went for a bike ride and it was great smelling the fireplaces in the crisp clean air. We are settling in now and have somewhat of a routine. We work all week and on the weekend we try to go away for the weekend at least once a month. On alternative Saturdays we just go for a day trip some where in England and on Sunday go for a 15-20 mile bike ride around the city, then home and drop dead for the rest of the day. Veg time.

 One of my favourite regular things to do is take a nice hot bubble bath. Yes, I still make a bubble beard and moustache, but the best thing of all is Alan coming in and Rubbing my feet and sponging my back and neck. Ah, a spa at home I love being pampered all of the time. Too much info? Well, I just wanted you all to know that there are many simple pleasures in my life and I guess I haven’t been sharing much in my e-mails.

 Another piece of info is that I try to use British English when I am writing, it does help me to pick up the lingo. You see it is important for me at work. I have already had a few bloopers. Working at a TV station the word Programme is used quite often and I have to type some legal documents and Program just won’t do. So I’m not just lame I do have a purpose for the word being spelt (ha, caught ya) spelled the way they are.

 Today is Monday and on Saturday we went for our drive. I drove this time, now Alan knows how unnerving to be the passenger on the other side of the road. (Alan and I were watching an American movie the other day and he actually said "hey, why are they driving on the wrong side of the road?" We are a little confused don't know what is right and wrong anymore.)

 We headed due south to the coast, then east until we were tired, and then back home. Our first stop was at the small town of Chichester. We ate at a little tearoom and it was the first place in England we have found that was all non-smoking. Yah hoo it does exist. Once again it was a town in which the centre was completely blocked off for pedestrians only. We found some great shops and a fantastic old Gazebo, to sit under and people watch.

Back in the car and off to the East along the coast of the English Channel. We passed by quite a few seaside towns and every now and again a big fairy tale castle would pop into our view. After a while it seemed like they were everywhere. We passed a sign on the road stating a fruit stand was coming up. We pulled over and noticed we had a choice of going to the fruit stand or picking our own. We opted for the latter. We collected some empty baskets and plastic bags then waited for the tractor to come pick us up. The tractor took us way into the fields and we hopped off at the Plum tree section. After picking (and eating) many plums, we walked over to the raspberry bushes and had a grand time picking those. Next we passed the apples, blueberries, black currants, and pumpkins. We were in search of the sweet corn. With no luck we headed back towards the entrance and passed the strawberries, green beans and squash. We had such a great time. Amazing what will please the average city couple.

Next we passed through the city of Brighton. It is about 60 miles due south of Central London. A one-hour trains ride. It reminded me of an old South Beach Miami. If you haven’t been, GO! There was one odd thing we noticed it seemed to be overrun with Men in black leather on motorcycles. We just figured it was some sort of biking convention or something, but come to find out it is the standard biker hang out on Sundays. Definitely an interesting sight and the city itself was very down to earth and beachy, another comparison would be Santa Cruz.

 Back down the coast and into Peacehaven and Seaford. Two quaint little sea ports with small buildings and thatched roofs. There was even a drainpipe growing grass. We stopped at a little beach café to grab a drink and I noticed they sold Flapjacks. Had to try one it seems to be the talk at work. No, not pancakes Flapjacks. Our equivalent of a chewy granola bar. Yum Yum it sure hit the spot for me, Alan almost spit it out. I suppose it hit a different spot for him. We also walked along the beach, which is made up of rocks and pebbles not sand. Pretty typical as far as we have seen for Britain. Completely different feel, but nice. Of course I had to thieve some pebbles to put in a pot at home to serve as my incense burner. At this point it was getting late and we headed north to go back home. Enough for now hope you had a great weekend as well.