Thanksgiving weekend 2008 at Snowshoe Mountain, West Virginia

We had a fantastic time and new skiers are born!  Anya and Lars just loved to ski and did very well.

Wednesday, we drove up and explored the resort and village. After the slopes closed we took out our snow disk and had a little fun.

Thursday, we all took ski lessons and spent the day on the slopes.

Friday, Anya went to daycare for the day. Lars took intermediate lessons, Alan skied and Heidi was photographer.

Saturday we all took a break from the ski slope and instead had snow ball fights and went tubing for a couple of hours. At dinner it began to snow, so we waited until Sunday morning to make the call on skiing Sunday.

Turns out the snow became freezing rain over night, so about 9am Sunday we headed home. The normal 6 hour drive took about 11 hours due to traffic and rain the entire way.