Reno  July 30 - August 3, 2009

We arrived late Wednesday night, picked up luggage and the rental car. We reserved your average full size car, but they offered us a convertible for the same price. I said, "sure, why not".  I didn't let Alan know about the car switch and we were walking out to the parking garage looking for spot K10. Alan stopped and looked at a convertible hard top Volvo and said "you must have the wrong space". I said "nope, that is it!" Alan's reaction was priceless.  We immediately had to take the top down, but luggage wouldn't fit in the trunk if we did.  Uncle Albert took our luggage and off we went at 11:30pm with the top down. The kids were a bit cold, but it was fun.  We settled in to our rooms and went to bed just after midnight. About 12:30am Aunt Gina came knocking at the door. She said there was a big fire down the street and we better get up, just in case we need to evacuate. The kids and Alan slept while Gina, Alan's Mom and I all stood watch.  The fire was huge, it was an under construction apartment complex up in flames. It was about 2 square blocks with flames up about 60-80 feet high. You could see it all from the living room window and it was less than .2 of a mile away. After about an hour, it seemed the fire was getting under control and back to bed we went.  

Thursday  was loads of fun. My brother Matthew and my Step Mother Helen, drove up from California to spend the day with us. We met up for brunch, played loads of games at Circus Circus and then headed over to Wella's to visit more. Thursday night was wonderful, Wella made home made tamales, bean, rice and all the fixings.  Loads of relatives were there to spend the evening with all of us. Friday Alan and I took the kids to Virginia City. We rode the old train, went panning for gold walked around town and took an old time photo. It was loads of fun.  That night Nicky and Mom took the kids to a baseball game and they had a blast!

Saturday morning was time to visit friends and the afternoon was spent at Uncle John's funeral. That evening we all hung out around the back yard and the kids played. Oh it was a relaxing dream.  We did more of the Same on Sunday. We visited with Mike in the morning and had a big afternoon BBQ.  It was nice just hanging around and visiting.  We had a wonderful time in Reno visiting all of the family. It was great to see everyone and have the kids play with all of their cousins.  Actually they are Alan's cousins children, so what is the right thing to say? Second cousins, cousin once removed?  Link to relationship diagram  

The flight home was pretty quick and the flight attendant asked if Anya and Lars would help with the garbage pick up. They were just tickled to do this task and it kept them busy for a while.

Reno Sky

Our fun rental car

after the fire

after the fire

after the fire

Matthew (Heidi's brother), Heidi, Anya and Lars

They won loads of prizes

Ya Ya (Heidi's step mom) and Anya

Whoo hooo

Hanging out at Wella's

Cousins playing in sprinklers at Wella's

Alan and Wella

All of the second cousins

Cousin Ben and Aunt Gina

Hayes family

Heidi and Lars

Ben, Nicky, Alan, Sadonna (Cousins)

Aunt Paz and Sadonna

Virginia City Train Ride and "gun fight". :-)

All aboard! Lars said it looked like the polar express

Panning for gold!

Katie and Anya just loved each other

Grandma Linda, Wella, Katie and Anya

In memory of Uncle John

More fun in the car

Alan and Mike

Wella, Grandma Linda, Nina and Anya