Myrtle Beach March 2009

Off to Myrtle Beach for a long weekend away. We had a very nice condo on the beach and the kids just loved it. Anya asked if we could stay there forever. We arrived Thursday evening, checked in, un packed and headed out for a very late dinner. The next morning we were up and off to explore the Marriott resort. They had heated pools everywhere and it was beautiful. We were right on the beach, so of course we could not resist enjoying the beach as well. The kids don't care how cold it is, they MUST "accidentally" fall into the ocean. We have wised up over the years and just dressed them in their swim suits, so we were well prepared for the "accident".

The resort had an incredible woodsy area with a magnificent Tree house. We had to visit that play area a couple of times each day. We played in the activities room a few times with the Wii, coloring and arts/crafts. There was also a huge bonfire pit, but we never got to enjoy it due to the evening rains.

Friday we hit Broadway at the Beach and had a blast at the aquarium. The kids loved seeing the Sharks and the Rays. We even made it to the Ray feeding observation and the kids were up close and personal for that one. They were splashed by the rays. They each held the horseshoe crab. As you can see by the pictures, like father like son. Oh, it was cute! After the aquarium we walked around the Broadway and the kids stopped to do a little dance when "shout" came over the loud speaker.

Saturday afternoon, Lars finally lost his loose tooth. We weren't sure if the tooth fairy would find us in Myrtle Beach and it was the topic of discussion for the afternoon. The tooth fairy came through with flying colors and not only showed up, but left Lars a big tube of Sponge Bob toothpaste and $2.

Of course as we were driving home on Sunday, the sun finally came out. Oh well, bad weather doesn't stop us from having a good time. It was a great weekend and we love getting away.

Tree House

Ripley's Aquarium/Broadway at the Beach

Kids Activity Center / Beach / Pools