Lars Art
November 2006


November 18, 2006
2 monsters named Haney and Horney we made this one into a T-shirt for Lars.

From the bottom of the picture, The panther gets the bear, the bear gets the dog, the dog gets the cat, the cat gets the mouse, the mouse gets the Cheese! This is a picture of Anya at 13 and Lars at a million years old Christmas goodies are on his mind A Leprechaun and a pot of gold in November? This is a picture of our house with a fireplace and smoke. There is a hill with a tree and there are red berrie bushes. Daddy and Mommy This is a Merman and Mermaid (Mermannie and Mermaidie) City Scape This is just a drawing of a mouse named "mousie". Dragon with invisible wings. He is trying to get the monster and he wants to fight. A collage of insects and bugs This is everything he could think of to fit on one paper It is our family out on a beautiful day Our Tulip Family Our family at the beach with a dolphin jumping out of the water The happy Lars Volcano, with Lars letters "on fire" All of his favorite sea creatures A boat at sea