School Report Cards - Lars

Pre school score card

7/1/04 Lars would scream "I'm a monster" and would chase Tristan and Callie and Hayden around. They would all take turns being the monster.

8/4/04 Lars is following directions very well and helping his friends out by repeating his teachers directions. " A real leader".

9/3/04 Lars is a great helper. He assisted his younger class mates during transitioning time by holding hands and using his words.

9/21/04 Lars' favorite word is "Why?" It was used at least 30 times today. I asked him Why? on several occasions and his answer was "I just don't know".

11/4/04 Lars had fun making Anya's (doll) food using pasta and bacon. Anthony tried putting sliced tomato on his plate, Lars said "No Anya doesn't like that"  Lars used the potty at 4pm today.

11/24/04 Lars enjoyed the exercise CD during gym today. We stretched and jumped rope.

12/14/04 Lars and Ms Julia had a deep conversation about his teachers. He explained to Julia that she was not Ms Tammie because "Tammie is brown with a blue shirt and she is yellow with a red shirt." He was very serious too.

12/15/04 Lars told Miss Tammie that he was her son and wanted to be like her.

1/4/05 Lars counted using his fingers to identify #'s 1-4. He would start over if he missed a number (very good!).

2/28/05 Lars' "pet rock" was a favorite of the entire class during circle time. It was so cute to see a lady bug rock and a beautiful velvet heart case.

5/20/05 I told my teachers when I had to go potty this morning. Wow- I think we're on our way to being potty trained. Today Lars made chocolate milk and played with the fiddlesticks with Sarah and Tristan. 

5/23/05 Wow- Great job in the potty today, you're going to have to buy more marshmallows. 6 marshmallows today.  Happy Birthday - our friends loved the cupcakes and juice. Favorite activity for the day was building towers with the cardboard blocks with Callie.

10/9/05 We will pick up Lars at 2:30 today to go to the airport. We are flying to Reno.  Comments from teacher - We had a fire drill today and while Lars was outside he was covered with fire ants.  He has tiny bites all over his body and we stripped him down and changed his clothes.  Lars made dragon berry muffins today for art. He also play with play dough with Clara and Lilly.

11/23/05 Lars had fun using colored pencils to work on a number book. He enjoyed listening in circle time about turkeys and the 1st Thanksgiving with Pilgrims and Native Americans. Lars is quite the perfectionist, he did a great job writing his number this morning, but didn't like his work. He then crinkled it up and threw it away.

2/23/06 Lars was reading a book to Ms Debbie. He is bringing it home to you so that he can read it to you "The Fat Cat". WOW! he's doing a great job. He'll be reading novels by the time he is 7. Ha ha.  (All of the teacher were convinced Lars was reading. I had him try to read at home and he zipped through the entire book with ease. I then had him read pages out of sequence and he couldn't do it. He then confessed that he had all 8 pages memorized.  We then worked on a few of the words and he did read those.  Fat, Cat and Mat) 
PS from Ms Debbie I covered Ms Amanda's lunch break today, so I got to play with Anya. She's so cute.