July 29, 2002  1st day of pre school for Lars.

Daddy getting Lars ready to go  Daddy getting Lars ready to go   Arrived at Lil Pro's Academy picutered with Head Teacher Mary  On a stroll with Sophie during the lunch hour on his 1st day.

August 2002 - Artwork done by Lars
Lars' 1st fingerpainting projects from daycare August 2002

9/12/02 - Lars and Callie
Callie was born just 2 hours before Lars. She just became a student in his class a late August. I picked him up from pre school on Thursday and the teacher was just so excited to tell me about his day. She said he and Callie were side by side on their backs on the floor. The teachers were doing baby exercises with them and working their legs. They said that Lars and Callie turned their heads to look at each other. Lars then reached out his hand and held Callie's. They said they held hands and smiled for about 5 minutes. They took lots of pictures, so when we get them they will be posted.

October 2nd: 
I love looking in the mirror Lars at day care just before going to visit the doctor for his 4month check up. 
Callie and Lars at day care. Here he is with his little girlfriend Callie. Callie is 2 hours older than Lars.
Summary of 1st 5 months at Little Pro's Academy:
Each day we receive a report card on Lars, "Infant Score Card". It tells us when he ate and slept, how often his diaper was changed and the exact contents, and the activities he did for that day. Below please find a summary of his activities/comments over the past 5 months (August-December, 2002).

"Lars was so cute playing with Callie today. We took pictures as they gave the sweetest smiles to each other."
"Lars had a great day today. He is such a delight. We enjoyed our time with him."
"Lars enjoyed when I was blowing bubbles at him, he was so happy."
"Today we read Peek A Boo, Baby Faces and Smile. We did baby exercises and sang songs.
"Lars did tummy time today on the mat and also painted an apple in art."
"Lars went for a stroller ride. We sang songs and listened to nature sounds. Miss Tania read and sang in Spanish."
"Lars was doing a lot of movement rolling around on the floor."

November 25th, 2002 - 1st day of gym class. From 6 months to 1 year he will go for 30 minutes a day.

4/3/03 Some new pre school pictures.
Lars racing to greet mommy. Miss Stephanie and Miss Rachael are working away. Callie was taking a nap, so Lars was playing with Casey

April 2003
I am such a big boy now. I am graduating from the Infant class next week and moving on up to the Toddler class.
Movin' on up Story time with Ms. Rachel, John Riley, Andrew and Me.

4/17/03 Here are my school friends:
This is my oldest friend and best girl Callie. Isn't she beautiful? Me and the stand up gang. My buds!

This was my 1st full day in my new "toddler" class at pre school. I am a big boy and sleep on a cot instead of in a crib. There is a play area outside just for the kids in my class. It has this thing that mommy calls a slide.  I have not tried that yet, but some of the other kids like it.

May 21, 2003 - Lars and Callie sleeping on their cots at school.
Mommy made me this crazy sleeping bag Sweet dreams Callie

3/31/04 Sports and movement report card
Lars loves any game that includes a ball. Lars is a wonderful kid who always make me laugh. He is very athletic and smart. Mr. Brian.

6/15/04 Sports and movement report card
Lars is a great kid and is always fun to work with. He has a great attitude and is full of wonderful energy. He listens well and is very well behaved. His coordination and strength have improved over the past months. His favorite activities are dribbling the basketball and kicking the soccer balls.

7/30/04 Spanish report card
July has been packed full of vacations and trips and lots of fun sports and activities. The toughest part was trying to explain that soccer was actually futbol. Lars enjoyed pretending to take a walk in the parque (park)

8/3/04 Spanish report card
We had tons of fun make believing with Dora, the three Osos (bears), Clifford, the 3 cerdos (pigs) and other great characters. We also learned about manners and emotions. Make your child feliz, say por favor and gracias.

Lars was treated special at school when Anya arrived.
Anya was announced on the main board at school Anya was announced on the door to Lars' class

9/30/04 Spanish report card
The children learned so much about themselves this month. We talked about our body parts, our families, school and friends. Ask your child to name a few of the major body parts in Spanish. Lars enjoyed the Spanish speaking doll that was in class today.

10/29/04  School Party
Lars loves the movie Toy Story and is fascinated with "Buzz Lightyear". He runs around saying "To infinity and beyond" and says he is flying.  Needless to say he was very excited to be this character for his Halloween party at school today. We tried on the costume last night and Lars ran around the kitchen saying "I'm flying, I'm flying". His wings of course knocked into everything in his path. He did the same thing when he put on his costume at school today. He took a look at himself in the mirror, gave himself a kiss and said "To infinity and beyond", then ran around the class. Callie followed him running yelling the same thing. It was so cute.
Lars was so excited to be Buzz! He ran around the island in the kitchen several times just laughing his heart out His teachers Miss Julia and Miss Tammie getting ready for the party Lars and Callie jumping up and down Lars and Callie running all around yelling "To infinity and beyond" Miss Julia, Lars, Mommy and Anya in her pumpkin outfit All of the kids checking out the new wings Lars discovered himself as Buzz in the mirror Lars and Callie tickling Miss Tammie Daddy getting Anya out of the car seat so she can see all of the big kids at the party say cheese what little hams they just love each other, Callie said her name was Callie Lars Best Friends

11/24/04 Thanksgiving at school
After Miss Tammie finished reading her book, it was time for Thanksgiving lunch at school. Alan and I both went to spend time with Lars. We stopped in to visit Anya after lunch and she was doing her exercises with Miss Lori.
Miss Tammie is reading to the kids before Thanksgiving lunch.

11/30/04 Spanish report card
This has been an exciting month. We talked about all kinds of community helpers and occupations. We also had a chance to review our colors, shapes and a few animals.

12/23/04 Spanish report card
With all the fun holiday stuff going on, we talked about Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and lots of fun winter vocabulary. We also had a great time learning about our familia and pets.

Summer 2005 -  One day a week, during the summer, it is water play day at school. Lars just has a blast.
Thanks to his teacher Miss Stephanie for taking the pictures.
Lars playing at school. It is the incredible hulk Splish Splash Come on Seth, let's get everyone all wet. Look out here I come! with Caliie right behind me.

10/19/05 Miss Stephanie was kind enough to take some pictures of Lars at school.
We picked Lars up from school today to head to Reno and his teachers showed us what he made in art that day. It was up on the wall and we were all so impressed. He made a picture of a little boy the resembles a "Rug Rat" cartoon character.  Funny though, he has never seen that cartoon and didn't know what a "Rug Rat" was. Do we have the next Monet or Picasso? Pretty darn good for a 3 year old? Well us parents and teachers are pretty proud!  He even drew ears, eye brows and spiked hair. Maybe a self portrait?
Lars and Callie hanging out with each other. Lars taking a break during gym time. Lars art work on 10/19/05

Happy Halloween 2005  
The kids had fun during their parties at school and then it was even more fun dressing up at home and going out to trick or treat.

November 2005 - Lars and Anya have the same outside play time in the afternoon. They always say hello to each other. Miss Steph was kind enough to take a picture to capture the moment.
Lars visiting Anya during outside play time Lars loves to play in the gym at school

June 9, 2006  Seth's last day at school :-(
Rosina (Seth's Mom) was telling me that she was taking pictures of the boys and they just kept goofing off. She would ask them to say "Spiderman" and they would just act silly. Then Kate came over and they straightened up and smiled for the camera real quick.
Lars and one of his best buddies, Seth Kate arrives and the boys are all smiles