Jamaica - Spring Break 2008


Pictures below -  journal entry click here.

View from our room onto the beach The locals would come sell their goods in boats on the perimeter of the swimming area. Our room was on the beach level just to the left of the elevator Yah Baby! We all loved the waterslides. These were the kid section. Lars also went on the BIG ones. Anya just kicking back Mommy and Daddy night out, kids went to a PJ party with the nanny. We picked up the kids from the PJ party after dinner and stopped by the buffet for a late night  treat. Lars and his "class" on the way to their glass bottom boat ride. Anya and her "class" heading over to the beach for playtime. Mommy was sneaking a peek at Lars during outside playtime. They were having the Beaches Boscobel Olympics. Anya in her new dress. Her baby has a matching dress too. Off we go for our EARLY morning stroll to look for crabs, coral and sea shells. We found several crabs this morning. This is just around the side of the resort where some "locals" live. The vendors also park their boats here over night. Time to make bracelets in the Arts and Crafts area. The baby waterslides for Anya. She was just a few inches short of riding the bigger slides. Lars loved this challenge. Return guest lunch, including characters, necklaces, magician and entertainment. Here is the magician fascinating our family. The kids wanted to join the steel drum band and they let them. The had a ball entertaining the entire dining room. Abby Cadabby came to visit us during lunch as well. Anya told her that she "absolutely loved her this BIG". Anya and Lars making cookies with Cookie Monster. Family photo op from one of the upper decks.
Family fun night out. Lars at lunch with his class. They had the cutest little kids buffet section with seating and all. Alan taking wind surfing lessons. Anya and her class at the beach again. The kids dancing with Zoe Alan and I went for a fun sail boat ride one morning. Alan teaching Lars how to play shuffle board. Tennis anyone?   This was literally moments before Lars was sick in the garden. OOPS! They found the game room. Lars and Anya in the arts and crafts area for the rock painting party. It's Elmo's birthday celebration. Lars wanted to try EVERY activity that existed and he did. Our last day having a pina colada before picking up the kids from camp. Our last night, Anya was sad that we had to go. Our departure morning. Good bye Beaches Boscobel. At the airport in Montego Bay.