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Web Visitor Comments from January - April 1999:

Karen and Eric Cisneros (sister/brother-in-law) -
That was so interesting to read!! I think it is so neat that you two get to do so many things. Thanks for sharing!

Kim MacInnis (good friend) -
Every time I read of your adventures, I just get envious!! Sounds like you are having a great time, as usual!

Beverly and Ray Luttrell (mom/dad) -
I loved reading your activity week-end! Actually laughed out loud when I read about your bums showing thru your backsides. I'm coming over there next month. You DO NOT have to arrange an activity week-end for me.           Luv.....Mum

Bob Bogard (good friend) -
Wow -- that activity weekend sounded really fun. That mud photo is classic! How did you endure that cold water in the Ghyll Scramble? I have to confess, I doubt i would have had fun in that part -- I hate getting wet. But, after being covered in mud, I guess a little water couldn't hurt! Your Web site is really great -- how do you find the time to keep it up? That's a great Testament to your life abroad -- make sure you keep a copy, of course!

Judy and Tom Maritz (aunt/uncle) -
We loved your website. I printed all of the new stuff to show to Grandma.

Linda and Shelly Altschul (mom/east coast dad) -
We're Here at Matt and Coleen's house and they got me on your web page. It is very exciting - We can't believe you know how to do so much.

Mike Oberberger (best buddy)  -
Very cool. Brings back some very cool memories!

Annabel Jones (met in Solomons 12/98)  -
Thanks, I found your web site and am very impressed. I'm glad you're seeing some of my favourite places while you're in the UK. I love the  Welsh valleys and the Lakes (great driving roads in both). By the way you're not supposed to eat gooseberries raw, but cook them with lots of sugar to make crumble, jam or fool.