Baby Anya Countdown

9/13/04 - ANYA LOREN WAGONER has arrived!
At 6:30 PM EST, Anya came into the world.  Heidi did a superb job of delivering, and Mommy and Baby are doing well.  As I type this, it's 9/14 just after noon, and Anya has been feeding well, and Heidi has been able to get some much needed rest.

I am Woman, hear me roar...   Ahhhhh....   Cozy with Mommy   Mom, Anya, and Dr. Flanagan

September 12th is just around the corner!
I will try to post to this page each week to keep everyone informed on the latest news. If there is anything you want to ask, go ahead and send an email. I can post the answer here if you want. Many people are emailing asking if we are registered anywhere, so I will post this information here. We've started a Baby Registry in preparation for our exciting arrival, but we really don't need much! You can view our registry online or at any Babies "R" Us or Toys "R" Us retail store

Guess the Due Date and Weight:  just send and email with your guess and we will publish to this page.

 Name Date Weight Time Length
Matt Townsan 9/3/2004 7lbs 11oz    
Karen Cisneros 9/5/2004 8lbs 4oz 8:36am 22in
Kate Clements 9/6/2004 8lbs  6oz 10:30am  
Judy Maritz 9/7/2004 7lbs 14oz 3:34am  
Leon Wagoner 9/7/2004 7lbs 11:11pm  
Jennifer Platek 9/8/2004 7lbs 10oz 12:05pm  
Kathy Reickerd 9/8/2004 9lbs  4oz 10:02am  
Linda Altschul 9/8/2004 8lbs 6:00am  
Sue Scoppettone 9/9/2004 8lbs  3oz 11:02am  
Patti Simpson 9/9/2004 8lbs  7oz 10:00am 21 in
Helen Townsend 9/10/2004 9lbs  1oz 11:35am  
Carol Hunter 9/10/2004 8lbs  7oz 7:17pm  
Duane Federighi 9/13/2004 8lbs 10oz 3:20pm 20.5in
Kelley Begley 9/14/2004 8lbs 12oz 3:32pm  
Steve Rizzari 9/16/2004 7lbs  9oz 11:15am  
Vonny Luttrell 9/18/2004 7lbs 14oz 5:01pm  
Trazanna Armstrong 9/22/2004 11lbs 11oz 4:00am  


7/25/04 33 weeks  Pregnant  (only 7 weeks left) 33 weeks pregnant with our little girl 7/25/04