July 19, 2008 Carowinds


We had a full day and a wonderful time at the amusement park. We arrived just before the opened at 10am and Alan was one of the first to ride one of the big roller coasters. We then headed off to the kiddie area, where Lars and Anya had a blast on the roller coaster and many other rides. We then went on the big log ride and then off to the waterpark area. We all had a blast in the big wave pool and boy was it refreshing on this hot summers day. Around 3pm we headed back to the hotel for a brief nap. About 5pm we headed back to the park for some more roller coaster fun and closed the park down at 10pm.  There is no doubt we have roller coaster lovin' kids.
Alan returning from his roller coaster ride. Anya and Lars having a blast The kids convinced Alan to go on the swirly ride The kids weren't too excited with the baby rides. This about sums it all up on the baby ride section. Now let's get back to the roller coasters and waterslides The big bucket on top fills up with water and then DUMPS! The bucket is now DUMPING First one up from nap time The boys were OUT We were watching Alan and Anya on the flying ride Scooby Doo's haunted house was really fun and we shot all of the ghosts with laster guns.