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Baker Pi Wagoner

December 2, 2007   
It's with great sadness that we have to announce that Baker is no longer with us.  We found out he had cancer a couple of weeks ago, and he wasn't improving.  Heidi and I made the difficult decision to put him to sleep.  It was very peaceful, and we'd like to think he's in a better place.  He was a great dog, and our house feels empty without him.

Baker Pi Wagoner

January 5, 2001 - December 2, 2007

We'll see you on the beach...


December 5, 2007

On Sunday we told the kids the angels were calling for Baker and wanted him to come and play with them. The kids said their good bye's and we sent them to Callie's house when the angels came to get Baker.  Every night Lars has been writing a little note to Baker and sleeping with his pictures. Tonight he drew this picture of Baker sleeping on his blanket and an angel coming to get him.

3/2/02  . Today was a special day for Baker, he went to the Super play group for dogs. There were 75 dogs that ran and played for 1 1/2 hours on Sunday. Baker was covered with mud and was exhausted when it was all said and done. He sure had a good time. Next weekend we are going to take off to the beach. We have to make sure our puppy is a happy camper. 
Our wild pup is out running in the middle of the action. He couldn't quite perfect the obstacle course. Baker was walking up to everyone to get a pat on the head and some lovin. I think he liked the people more than the dogs.

Christmas Eve 2002 
Santa never told you about his special reindeer named Baker Pi

October 7th:
Oh, so now you want a picture of me? Okay I will pose
That kid is wearing me out!

Well we wanted a water dog and we got one!!! Yippee!!!

Baker loves to go swimming. In fact if you even say the word, he runs to his cupboard and barks to get out his water toys. He is out of control once he is in sight of the lake. Below is a recent shot of our pooch in action.
baker pi jumping into the water  Baker catching some air. June 7th, 2002.  Baker chillin' with Uncle Eric and Dad. June 7th, 2002.  You want me to look directly into the camera and say cheese?  Baker and Taira playing    Comet and Baker out for a swim. June 22, 2002  Comet and Baker out for a swim. June 22, 2002  Comet came over to hang out in the pool and chill with Baker Poppi said I can be a Yankee fan too

Puppy pictures and Journal from his 1st year

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