Baker Wagoner

As of February 16th we have a new addition to our Wagoner Family, Baker. It did take us about a week to name him, but we both fell in love with Baker. He is named after Baker Beach in San Francisco, the location of our marriage ceremony.

Baker Action Shot Topsail Island Thankgiving 2001Our pooch has been keeping us busy busy busy! We love taking him swimming as often as possible, but that is not often enough for him. 


Journal 0-6 months 
   Old Pictures are located just below his journal.

Born Saturday January 5th, 2001
Became a Wagoner Friday February 16th, 2001
6 weeks He slept quite a bit. He was a nice calm puppy. He slept in a small kennel next to our bed. He weighs 8 lbs.
7 weeks He became more active. Met the neighborhood kids. Went for a walk on the leash
8 weeks Begins to explore on his own.  He went up the stairs for the first time and after some barking learned to come down on his own.
9 weeks His First Trip to the Vet. Dr. Clancy Cornerstone Vet. He received Booster Shot, Heartworm and Frontline. He weighs 18.6 lbs. Went for a walk around Bond Lake with Molly and Belle. He went on his first swim with Alan near Hudson Belk. We had to take the divider out of the big kennel. He is growing fast.
10 weeks We went to Lake Crabtree a couple of times.  The First time he played on the kiddy slides over and over. A few days later he went swimming in the Lake, with so coaching from us. He can now jump out of the Jeep on his own. The neighborhood kids came over to play they love be with Baker.
11 weeks Went to Lake Crabtree again, did more swimming without too much coaching. Didn't get to play on the slides as there were too many kids. Baker jumped up on the chair in the back all on his own. He loves to hang out in the front yard and just sniff the air and get some sun. We did make it to Lake Crabtree a few times this week and Baker gets to run in the woods and chase birds and squirrels.
 3 months  Back to the vet, time for a rabies shot. OUCH! It rained quite a bit this week, so baker didn't go out to play too often. He loves to run upstairs to his kennel and bring down all of his toys one at a time. He now sports a name tag on his collar that we customized to look like a scuba flag. He went through a big growth spurt and is about 12-14 inches tall. His paws are massive and the vet says he's going to be a biggie. He weighs 29 lbs and the vet says he is in excellent shape. They wanted to take a picture of him, because he likes to sit on his rump like a human instead of like a dog. They just thought that was too funny.
 4 months He's a big boy now! Wow baker is about knee high (my knee that is) and just over 40lbs.Lake Crabtree is still his favorite. We try to get there at least twice a week for a long hike and a swim.
Puppy Class:

He started 8 weeks of puppy class, so he may become a gentleman. The first 30 min of puppy class is play time! there were approx 12 puppies of all makes and models there for the choosing. Baker was really fond of Eddie, a tiny pint size terrier. Eddie's little legs are about the thickness of one finger. Baker rolls on his back and then little Eddie walks on his belly and licks his face. After play time it is school time. We spend the next hour learning how to sit, stay, down, chill, heel etc... Baker "the teachers pet" is such a ham. Shari, the teacher, demonstrates how the "people" should teach the "puppy" and it never fails...she always chooses our little man to show off. When we were learning to heel, Baker would just prance by and do what he was supposed to on the 2nd attempt. The other "people" actually said "show off". He was very proud and I was embarrassed, but loving it too. It is a shame Baker can do all the tricks at class and then forgets them on the ride home.
Snip Snip:
Dr. Clancy said our little guy would need be fixed prior to 6 months or 50lbs, guess what came first. Our lean mean fighting machine weighed in at 47 lbs at 4 1/2 months. Snip, Snip time..ouch! We dropped him off at the vet in the am and packed his little suitcase, 'cause this was a sleepover. His loss of puppy manhood was at 8am on May 10th. According to the vet he didn't bat an eye, I'm sure because he was knocked out. They did call us just after he was coming too and let us know that there was another little guy in the same boat as Baker that day. His name was Chance and he was a 4 1/2 month old Golden Retriever, weighing 46 lbs. Apparently they bonded and commiserated while recovering from their experience. We picked Baker up the next afternoon and he said his goodbyes to Chance.  We both anticipated he would be out of it and mellow, yeah right! He was so fully of energy and bouncing around, other than his little parts physically missing, we could swear they put 2 in instead of taking them off. Anyway, now after 10 days low activity he can swim and run again. Phew! That was a long 10days of being cooped up in the house and only going out on the leash. Freedom once again!
What's Neutered? Let's ask Alan...
The evening we brought Baker home from the Vet, he was outside on his chain, when I 
heard some kids yelling his name. Of course, Baker started barking. I didn't want him 
to rip his stitches or something, so I ran outside to calm him down. It turns out that 
the kids where a couple of girls who have walked Baker a few times. Here's the dialog:
Alan: "Sorry girls, Baker can't play. He had an operation yesterday."
Girls: "What kind of operation?" 
: "Uhhh. He was neutered." <That's right, be scientific>
Girls: "What's that?"
<Increasing panic>  
: "Uhhh, they removed his testes." <I'm starting to sweat, and the girls know it>
Girl 1: "What's that?"
<So much for being scientific>
Girl 2: (elbowing Girl 1): "He was fixed!"
Girl 1: "Oohhh."
<Relief> okay bye
I'm definitely not ready for the "Birds and Bees" speech yet. Luckily I don't have to 
give Baker "The Talk", so I have a few years 
to practice.
 5 months Well, our little guy graduated from Puppy School, graduation cap and all. He did very well in the class, teacher's pet of course. Baker will now do all the fancy spancy tricks in the book (providing food is the reward). He is getting pretty close to full grown. We have no idea how much he weighs, probably around 60lbs. He has become an excellent swimming and retriever. If we could only stop him from jumping up on people when he greets them, especially little kids. He just gets so excited to see people and he wants to jump up for a big lick in the face. 
We have a routine each day: up for breakfast and a walk at 6am, mom and dad go to work, mom is home for lunch and a little play time, then back to work, mom and dad come home from work and play with him!!! eat dinner, then go for a very long walk and play lots of fetch, then once we let him back in the house, he runs upstairs jumps into the tub and wants us to let him take a shower to cool down.  On goes the shower and baker just moves around and gets wet, he sometimes just lays down and enjoys the "rain". The funny part is when he looks up at the water coming down and tries to catch it with his mouth. He will do that for a good 5 minutes. He started this a few weeks ago and can not wait to return from his evening exercise. Spoiled Rotten? yup!
Memorial Weekend it was off to the Outer Banks. He is a water dog no doubt! Baker loved playing in the ocean and digging his nose in the sand. It was also his first time staying in a hotel, which he handled quite well. We stayed at the Nags Head Beach hotel, which has an entire floor of rooms dedicated for people with dogs. Pretty cool huh? We actually got to 4-wheel drive the Jeep on the Beach and then went swimming. Baker met many other dogs on the beach that day, funny they were all Labs.

February - March :
baker  6 weeks old  baker 7 weeks  baker 7weeks  Baker and Mr. Moose   Baker and Mr. Moose again  baker catchin some sun out front  Baker Lake Crabtree at the Kiddy Playground   April - May : 
baker swimming
baker baker's pose baker on the stairs baker showing off his shake molly and belle baker and his buddy comet    June - July:
baker puppy school graduation may 2001    baker on the front grass at our apartment baker playing at the beach baker with a sandy nose at the Outer Banksbaker eating a bone on the hotel bed