7yrs - 8ys old
Sept 13, 2011 - Sept 13, 2012


Sept 13, 2011  Happy Birthday Anya! 
Grandma Linda was here to celebrate birthday number 7! And of course made a beautiful cake for Anya that was FUN.  A couple of days later on Anya's actual birthday we also made a big cookie cake into a number 7. This birthday was all about tennis, Anya's new favorite thing.  :-)

October 15, 2011   The Wagoner Haunted House
We just love the YMCA and what they do for our family; so I decided for the 3rd year to volunteer for the We Build People Campaign.  Lars has been very involved each year as well and he decided that we should raise money via a Haunted House.  A Haunted House it is!
We prepared the entire basement over a 2 month period. Working on it here and there and making it as spooktacluar as we possibly could. The day finally arrived and we had about 15 volunteers, Grandma Bev, neighbor Andrew, Zombie Lars, Witch Anya, Igor/Alan and Zombie Heidi ready in costume to help us.  We had about 70 people go through the haunted house and raised $440 that night! It was loads of fun and loads of work!  :-)  Several people just had to go through a 2nd and third time. One family with kids were on the ground in front of each tombstone in the front yard for a picture. It was great.


October 26, 2011  Anya finally lost her 1st tooth!
Now you see it....... Now you don't

Halloween 2011 -  Pumpkin Carving

November 1, 2011 -
Just last week Lars was hanging up posters "Vote for me for VP". Today he found out he won!  Vice Pres for his school in 4th grade. We are so proud.

November 3, 2011 -

Thanksgiving in NY - 2011
We had so much fun, the kids can't stop talking about it. Now they are noticing how many commercials, TV Shows and Movies reference and show NY.  It was great.  (Photos Here)

Christmas 2011- Myrtle Beach, SC and Crystal River, FL (Photos Here)

Spain - Spring Break 2012 - "Go with the Flow"

February 2012 - Happy 70th Ray in Las Vegas
Heidi met up with all of her siblings and family in Vegas to Celebrate Ray's 70th Birthday. It was a surprise and fun was had by all. We also celebrated Eric's birthday, Mom and Rays anniversary as well as Brandon and Dominque's engagement.

June 2012 -  End of School year activities and some summer fun.

End of year School Awards were plentiful this year and we are very proud and grateful!


June 20, 2012   Announcing our new blog - "Wagoner's Abroad" !   wagonersabroad.com

This is of course a work in progress, but we now have a blog... it will feed our Facebook Page, so you can find info either way. We do plan to keep this site as well and will update occasionally.


Summer is here and that means "Summer Camp" at the Y!

The kids will have an abbreviated summer camp session this year, but they are making the most of it.  They love soccer, swimming, arts, shaving cream twister and all the games on the "porch" (giant jenga, giant mancala, hop scotch, corn hole etc...).  They even have the parents experience it all during Family night. Of course the counselors are there favorite part of summer camp!

NY - July 4, 2012 Spent the week with Grandma Linda and cousins Nicky, Caity and Hailey.