11/18/04  Anya's 1st day at school
Mommy goes back to work on Monday 11/22, so Anya started school a couple of days prior. It was a pretty tough day for Mommy, but Mommy only went to visit one time. Anya did pretty good with her 30 min exercises (cycle legs, push ups and tummy time). When I picked her up she looked exhausted. It was a little tough for her to adjust to her new routine, but in a few days she should be fine. They had her cubby and crib labeled with her name.  Ms. Lori, Ms. Tania and Ms. Amber are her teachers and they smothered her with hugs and kisses today. Ms. Tania was the teacher for Lars when he was this age too. She is full of love and affection.
Anya and Lars all packed up in the car ready to go to school. This is Anya's 1st day at school 11/18/04. Anya in her crib at school, looking very tired.

11/24/04 Thanksgiving at school
After Miss Tammie finished reading her book, it was time for Thanksgiving lunch at school. Alan and I both went to spend time with Lars. We stopped in to visit Anya after lunch and she was doing her exercises with Miss Lori.
Miss Kadera, Miss Amber and Anya at school Miss Lori is working with Anya on building her back and hip muscles to roll over Miss Lori is working with Anya on her sit ups to strengthen her stomach muscles preparing her for sitting up on her own

June 30, 2005
After I took Lars back to school from the Dentist, Anya was driving her crib out to the parking lot, jumping up and down and having a great time. She was heading out with her class for a fire drill. Later that day when I went to pick her up she was very interested in helping miss Tania replace the batteries in the swing.
Mr. Tony chatting with Anya during the fire drill Anya helping Miss Tania fix the swing

July 19th, 2005 Anya took 6 steps today!

July16-23rd, 2005

Anya in her class stirring up trouble over in the cornerPictures from school. The big kids in Lars' class are just so fascinated with Anya. They love to visit and play with her.


7/26/05 - Anya wore her 1st pair of shoes to school size 4.
1st pair of shoes

10/3/05 Anya is officially in her new classroom, toddler 3.  Her teachers are Ms. Amanda and Ms. Julie. They are both really cool and just love Anya.  Lars was in Ms. Amanda's class when he was 1-2 as well. We are very excited!   Lars and Anya have the same afternoon playtime outside and their playgrounds are right next to each other. So they get to chat through the fence and see each other during the day.  I just had to sneak in during naptime to snap a picture of our big little girl sleeping on her cot instead of a crib.  oh how cute!!!

Ms Julie is on the Left and Ms Amanda is on the right. Little Anya is sleeping right in the front. A close up of Anya sleeping, piggy tails and all.

Happy Halloween 2005  
The kids had fun during their parties at school and then it was even more fun dressing up at home and going out to trick or treat.

November 2005 - Lars and Anya have the same outside play time in the afternoon. They always say hello to each other. Miss Steph was kind enough to take a picture to capture the moment.
Lars visiting Anya during outside play time

September 2007

October 27, 2007 Fall Festival at Little Pro's Academy

Anya carved pumpkins at school too.