First Issue May 1997


I’m Married!

n Sunday, March 9, 1997 HEIDI SUE WILSON & ALAN LEON WAGONER tied the knot. It was a very small and private ceremony, just the two of us and the minister, at Baker Beach. The ocean was calm and not one cloud in the sky. We were both dressed in our favorite attire; SHORTS!

After exchanging our vows we celebrated with a bottle of champagne and watched the sun set together while walking along the beautiful beach. The background was incredible; the Golden Gate Bridge, Marin County, and the Presidio of San Francisco.

We met last summer while vacationing separately in Cozumel Mexico; scuba diving. We kept bumping into each other in the small town and we discovered we were both from the Bay Area in California. We decided to exchange numbers in hopes of having someone to scuba dive with in California. Who Knew?

Alan returned to CA about 8 days before me. When I returned home there was a message waiting. We began dating and we fell madly in love. He is my Sweet Prince and he treats me like a lovely princess. We are extremely compatible.

It is amazing how good a good thing feels!

Our Wedding March 9, 1997

Our Famous Wedding Picture
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Look Out London!

why London? Well, Alan works for a telecommunications company called Latitude Communications based in Santa Clara, CA. They are opening their first international office in London, England.

Alan was asked to be the one from the home office to move to London and establish the business. He has signed a 2-year contract with an option to extend. Needless to say I couldn’t live without him, so I too am in London.

I quit my job at the Pan Pacific Hotel and I will seek work in London sometime in June. I am waiting for my proper work papers to arrive.

We have found a beautiful flat in a small town named Chiswick (said Chiz’ Ick). It is located about 5 miles outside of Central London (a short tube ride). It is a converted warehouse loft across from the park.

We should have a car by the end of the month, possibly a BMW. Things are expensive here, but we have adjusted no problem. It has a very similar feel to San Francisco, consisting of many quaint neighborhoods. We would love to hear from you and we’d especially like to have visitors. Come Visit!