Anya's Pregnancy Journal

Before Baby Arrives - Below is a copy of my pregnancy journal. I received a wonderful book that I wrote in and I have typed up many of the entries.

This is to the little one we began to love long before we saw your face, before we knew your name, before we could hold you in our arms... to our child, our miracle.

The First Trimester

I knew for certain I was pregnant on January 9th, It snowed that day and I stopped to by a pregnancy test on my way home from work. It was positive. The next week it was confirmed at the Doctors office.

I could hardly wait to tell someone about my pregnancy. I wanted to call others to share my news. The first person I told was your daddy. He was very excited. I told him that he may get a present on his birthday, you!

We of course called all of the grandparents, aunts and uncles right away, they were all very excited. 

This was a very special time for me. Some of my thoughts and feelings were ... I am very excited. I always wonder what you are going to look like. What your smile will say. I worry about what I should eat and how much sleep I need.

Choosing a doctor to take care of us and help bring you into the world was important. I chose Cary Women's Center, because that is who delivered your big brother Lars.  I wanted to have female doctors and make sure you were born in the Western Wake Med Birth Center. The office was located at 300 Ashville Suite 220 Cary, NC. I will go there many times before you arrive. 

I lost 5 pounds the 1st month another 5 pounds the second month. I don't really crave any foods and wasn't interested in food much at all. I am hungry all of the time, but I can only eat little bits at a time because my belly won't let me eat any more. I have been sick to my stomach 2 times and just feel nauseous the rest of the time. This is called morning sickness, but it is lasting all day long for me. I wake up at 4:30 every morning not feeling well and I have to go potty too.

I was also told that your arrival date would be about September 15th ,  Some other things I wanted to discuss with my doctor were if I could garden, take a hot bath and if my age made any difference. 

We decided that your place of arrival would be Western Wake Women's Birth Pavilion, located on Kildare Farm Road and Tryon Road in Cary, North Carolina. We chose this place because it has excellent ratings and beautiful facilities and that is where your big brother Lars was born.. It is just a few miles from the house and they have private rooms with a Jacuzzi bath, I hope I can use it this time..

When I try to imagine what it will be like to go there for your birth, I expect a calm, peaceful, joyful experience. I want to make sure you enter the world with as little stress as possible.

Already I wonder what you will look like and what kind of person you will be. I share my thoughts with you, wondering if you can hear me. I wonder if you already know how very much you are loved. I have so many hopes for you: I want to make sure you know you are loved and cherished. I want you to have the best, but work for it to have full appreciation. I hope you will love to travel as daddy and I do. I would like to take you to see the world with wide open eyes.

I wonder about family traits you might inherit: are you going to have hair and eyes like your mom or dad? Will you have nice teeth? how tall will you be? will you like to drink pickle juice? will you love Gatorade? will you like cheese? I hope you don't inherit your moms pot belly.

I would like for you to know all that is happening in my life now. Here are some of the things I am thinking and doing while waiting for you to be born:

I want to decorate your room and make things for you, but I am tired. 

2/15/04 The Wagoner Family is Expanding
We just wanted to make sure everyone got the news from us. We are 10 weeks pregnant. The baby is due September 14th and we won't know if it is a boy or a girl until sometime in April. We are very excited and Lars has no idea what is in store for him. Lars is doing well and has a vocabulary that keeps you laughing. He begins swim lessons in a couple of weeks and is a delight. We hope we are as lucky with number 2.

3/4/04 Pregnancy update
We had our 1st ultrasound today. We got the special treatment because of my advanced maternal age. The baby is about 6 1/2 cm long right now. We saw its legs, feet, hands, spine and head. We unfortunately were not able to find out the sex. The little tike had its back to us the entire time. Every now and then there would be a hiccup or stretch of the legs, but no exposure to the "parts". We will have an amnio in about a month, so we should know for sure then. The Dr. said everything looks good so far!

The Second Trimester

3/31/04 Amnio and Ultrasound 16 1/2 weeks
We went for our amnio today at 8:15am. The Dr. let us know that he thinks it is a girl. He would like us to return at 20-22weeks to double check the white spot on the heart to make sure it did not grow. The amnio went well and we should have the results soon. I had to take it easy and off my feet for a couple of days after the amnio. I stayed at home and worked while laying on the couch and watching TV. My muscles were a bit sore so I didn't mind. I had a slightly different reaction to this amnio than I did with Lars. This one I had more aches and pains for a couple of days. 

The morning sickness and extreme tiredness is pretty much gone now. Every once in a while I will feel a bit queasy and I still can not eat one more bite than I am hungry for. That last bite makes me want to get sick. Daddy has been really good to me. We keep telling Lars there is a baby in mommy's tummy, but he doesn't get it yet. I began to feel the flutter movements at the end of March, about 15 weeks along. It is so exciting! My tummy is starting to grow, but I am not really gaining weight yet. It seems that it is just moving around. We are still trying to figure out what your name will be and how will we decorate your room. Your big brother is still using the crib, so we will move that to your room in the next month or so. We have already received a gift for you from one of Daddy's co-workers, Alison. She is very nice and sent you a silver pacifier clip. This will help mommy and daddy find the pacifier when it falls out of your mouth.

4/12/04  It's a GIRL!  We just received the amnio results today and all chromosome tests came back good, so we should have a happy healthy little girl in September.

5/5/04 OB Dr. Visit - All is going well. The baby's heart rate was 150 and the womb is about 2 in above my belly button down to the bottom. She is moving around doing her aerobics regularly now. I have lost another pound, so that makes it a total of (-13lbs) so far.  My appetite comes and goes, but mostly is fairly light. We are still trying to decide on a name and the room decor.

5/27/04 Ultrasound - The ultrasound went well and the Dr. used a 3d machine on me. We now have a 3d profile of our little girl. According to the doctor, she looks healthy. He laughed and said "looks like she is a talker". I guess she was opening and closing her mouth quite a bit. She has been very active as well.

The Third Trimester (AT LAST!)

Everything is beginning to ache. It is tough to roll over in bed and walk, it seems that all of my joints are much more flexible this time. She is rolling around quite a bit and is causing pressure on my pelvis. I am up 2-3 times each night to visit the restroom and would love for my back aches to go away. My belly is just starting to slightly pop out beyond my chest. I still haven't really had many food cravings, but every now and again I have to have Chocolate Milk. I am staying pretty active at work and plan to continue working until the birth.  I mowed the lawn for the last time at 34 weeks pregnant. It was just too hot and I was too slow, I had to hand the mower back over to Alan for a couple of months. I can't wait to get back out and work in the yard.

8/12/04 Ultrasound - We were told she is about 5 1/2 - 6lbs right now and if we go full term she will probably be a little over 8lbs. She is currently in the head down position and we are just waiting.  I still weigh 4 pounds less than when we conceived. The doctors are not worried at all, as she is a good sized baby already. 

8/13/04 - It was Friday the 13th and I was going to run errands at Target during my lunch break. I hopped out of the car and began to walk across the parking lot to get a cart. I felt a sudden pressure in my pelvic area and found it next to impossible to take that next step. I managed to get over to a cart and thought it might help me along. It was difficult and felt like a muscle was cramping down my thigh. I made it to the front of the store and sat on a bench for 10 min until the pain went away. I then headed straight back to the car and went back to work. The pressure was still there and the baby felt low. Over the next 2 days the pressure remained and I began to get hemorrhoids. By Sunday evening they had become painful. I used ice packs and Tylenol and continued with normal activities. Monday I went to work and by the end of the day I was miserable. The pain had increased so, that it was difficult to walk. Tuesday I stayed home from work and thought if I just took it easy it would go away. By 9am I realized it wasn't getting better. I made an appointment with my OB and they took me in right away. My blood pressure was high and we attributed that to the pain I was in.  They took it again about 30 min later and it was back to normal. The Dr. did a thorough check and determined I was dilated  1-2cm. She said if things get worse to call right away. was prescribed some special cream and was sent home. I returned to work the following day and had trouble sitting. I attended many meetings and by 3pm just couldn't take the pain any longer and after going to the restroom realized they were now bleeding. I went home and called my Dr. She wanted me to see a surgeon. I had an appointment the next afternoon and he performed a little surgery right then and there. He made small cuts and removed some blood clots. He then stated that I would need to have the removed after giving birth.  I was in excruciating pain and after about 48 hours it improved. I can now at least walk, but it will be a little while before I can sit down. I have to lay on my side and rest. Alan has been taking great care of me and Lars. 

8/24/04 Weekly OB Visit - I had my routine exam today to see how things are progressing. The baby's  heart rate was about 138 and my blood pressure was 120/60. Things are progressing well and my hemorrhoids are improving. She asked what size Lars was when he was born and I said 8lb 11oz, she then stated I should expect pretty close to that this time as well. I am now about 2 1/2 cm dilated and 50% effaced. The Dr. said that the baby is very low and she can feel where the head is. She stated I should come back in a week for my next check up, but would not be surprised if the baby did not wait that long. So it could be any day now, then that may give us an August baby instead of Sept. I let her know I was feeling sharp burning pains inside my pelvic area and she stated this was the pressure of the baby's head and things progressing along. Who knows?  We will just have to wait and see.

9/01/04 - Yesterday was my last day of work for a while and I was given a lovely baby shower by my co-workers. I am so fortunate to have such caring people to work with each day. Today is my 1st day of Maternity leave and I plan to return to work on Monday, November 22nd. That should be a nice slow week to get my feet wet again. I decided to go ahead and take a little time off prior to our new arrival, so I have been resting, making Alan's birthday cake and putting around the house.  I had my weekly doctor visit yesterday and I am now 3cm dilated. My blood pressure is 120/70 and the baby's heart rate was 146. She really feels it will be at any time that our little girl arrives. We plan to send out a mass email as soon as she does.  Alan is off this week too and we are still sending Lars to school. We are both getting a little R&R as we know better this time! :-)

9/7/04  Still waiting-  I went for my weekly Dr. visit today and all is looking good. My blood pressure was 120/70, the baby's heart rate was 138, I lost a couple more pounds (that is 12 less than pre preg weight) and I am 4cm dilated. I guess I am not a text book pregnancy. It really can be any day now. When I had Lars I was only 1cm in the hospital, so I guess you never know. Looks like when the time comes I will already be half way there, so we may need to make a mad dash to the hospital. I don't want to have her in the car or something. :-)  We will keep the web site up to date with our progress and try to announce when we depart for the hospital.

9/13/04 - Dr. Visit
I am still 4 cm dilated and the Doctor would like me to check into the hospital today at 12:30, she will then come by at 1pm to break my water. No going back now.  Tonight or tomorrow our little girl should arrive. We will keep you posted.

9/13/04 - Anya's arrival
We arrived at the hospital at 12:30 as scheduled. I was checked in and hooked up to monitors and an IV. Dr. Flanagan arrived around 1:45 to begin the process. She broke my water about 2pm and Grandma Bev was notified per her request. No contractions and just some relaxing for the 1st 90 minutes or so. Around 3:45pm I felt some very minor contractions and thought I would take a Jacuzzi bath before they increased in intensity and frequency. I took a bath and was so relaxed. During this time I had 2 pretty strong contractions. I was only in the bath for about 15 min, so I figured the contractions must be about 5-6 min apart. I thought I better get out to ensure I can get my epidural to relieve the pain before it gets too bad. I settled back in bed about 4:20 and the nurse informed me that I had to have a full bag of Saline through my IV prior to getting an epidural, this was to ensure I was hydrated. I began to panic as the contractions we increasing in pain and it was going to be a minimum of 1 hour for the saline to enter me at full throttle.  I asked that Alan take the roll of dabbing me with a cool wet cloth on the forehead with each contraction and allow me to squeeze his hand. His hand was so big that I opted for his index and middle fingers instead.  Each contraction I raised my hand and Alan was quick to have his fingers ready to squeeze. After about 1 hour the saline was in me and they called for the epidural. It was going to be about 20min as there was an emergency C section that took priority over me. I asked if there was anything I could have in the mean time. The nurse went to call the Dr. and found that the Dr. was calling her. The nurse was allowed to give me a shot to help take off the edge. This worked for about 15 min and then the contractions were just too strong. Within 10 min the contractions were almost one on top of the other. The nurse and Alan were the only 2 in the room. I began to yell out that I felt like pushing. The nurse called another nurse and said to get the Dr. The Dr. was on the way, but so was Anya. The urge to push became uncontrollable and I could feel her moving along. The nurse said to just breath through it and try not to push, we have to wait for the Dr. She literally held my legs closed. This obviously wasn't going to work. I stated that we don't have time to wait for the Dr., please find "ANY" Dr. They went out into the hall and there was an OB out there. They grabbed him and brought him in. Anya was already crowned and to begin pushing. One small push and out was the head. There wasn't even time to count to three. Another small push and out was the body. The Dr. announced our healthy baby girl, peeked around my legs and introduced himself as Dr. Seddell.  We were both very pleased to meet him and thanked him for catching Anya. Just then Dr. Flanagan walked in and finished the process with my stitches etc... It was a whirlwind birth and never had time for that epidural. Anya is very healthy and so is mom! 


How did we get so lucky to have someone as special as you?