In Loving Memory of Poppi

I am not even sure where to begin with remembering Poppi.  We are so fortunate to have been briefly a part of his 70 year life. No matter where we lived in the world, Grandma and Poppi were there to visit us. Once we moved to the East Coast (NC), it was much more convenient. Our kids have 4 sets of grandparents and Grandma and Poppi were the set they were able to see most often. He made sure Lars sported a Yankees outfit during his infancy and Lars wore it proud. Poppi and our dog Baker also had a special bond.

As you browse through the journals within our website, Poppi is everywhere. He was such a part of our holidays, vacations and just hanging out around the house.  Anya has fond memories of helping Poppi prep the cilantro, so Grandma could make some salsa. Lars has fond memories of building the trains with Poppi and listening to his stories. they both loved to snuggle with him and give him big hugs. It is not possible to capture all that Poppi means to our family, but you can see it in our pictures.  Anya says she still chats with him now and again and she is pleased that he is also taking care of Baker.  We miss you Poppi!

Grandma and Poppi visiting for my 3 month birtday Poppi carving the turkey Shhh!  Poppi and I are trying to take a nap. Happy Family Surprise!!! Happy Birthday! Wade, Janet and Poppi dancing Baker loves Poppi Grandma and Poppi reading to Elmo and Me. Poppi, let me show you how to play my Wiggles Bitar (Guitar) Everyone was tuckered The Wagoner Gingerbread House Even Baker enjoyed opening his gifts Looks like Poppi is enjoying the gifts as well Anya had fun playing with Poppi We arrived at the hotel and Grandma and Poppi were there Happy Birthday Poppi Hi Poppi! The first night it was just gorgeous outside, so we sat near the water and enjoyed our visit. The kids enjoyed some popcorn. Okay, ALL of the candy can't be for the house, some needs to tuck away into a tummy. Ta Da Poppi and Lars were building moutains for the train set. Baker got some cool bones We arrived to a room full of gifts and goodies. Happy 10th Anniversary dinner One of many ice cream cones.  

There was nothing better than quality time with Poppi. We we fortunate enough to have a great weekend with him just a few weeks before he passed. We miss you Poppi.

January 24-26, 2009 New York!
We spent the weekend with Grandma and Poppi and had a blast. Saturday we all met up with Janet, Jerry, Wade and Frankie at Dave & Busters. We all had a great time eating and playing all of the games.

Later that night we all had dinner at Grandma and Poppi's with Matt, Colleen, Matt and Joseph. It was great fun.

Sunday we just took it easy in the morning and then Grandma, Heidi, Lars and Anya all headed into NY City on the train. It was very cold, about 26', but it was loads of fun. We went to the Little Mermaid and it was spectacular. After the show, we had "connections" and met up with King Triton (Norm Lewis- he is Anya's teacher Miss Tammie's cousin) backstage. Then off to Times Square and back on the train to Amityville.  A sample of the Little Mermaid on YouTube  Click Me