Mission Impossible

To surprise The Target on Mother’s Day and Videotape the Operation.


The Target


The Target

Mom (a.k.a. List Lady)


The Operatives


The Mole

Shelly (The Inside Man, The Mole) – This highly placed operative is in deep cover.  This agent’s duty is to keep The Target in the dark as long as possible until The Trap is sprung. 

The Trap

Alan (The Trap)
– The operative who will be going in for “The Kill”.  Also plays a secondary role in misleading The Target.


The Gatherer

 Heidi (The Gatherer) – This operative oversees the entire mission and “Gets the Goods” on The Target.  Also works in concert with The Mole to misdirect The Target.




The Equipment



Jeep – This high-tech vehicle will be used to transport The Trap and The Gatherer to the location of The Target.  Weapons include:The Jeep

§         Stinger Bullets – Feels like a bee sting, but deadly

§         Infrared Missiles – Puts a nice heat seeker wherever you aim it

§         Laser Headlights – These can really ruin your day!


 Camera – A special recording device with an active infrared viewfinder.  Also includes a timed mini-explosive in the event of capture.

 The Box – The latest development in operative concealment.  Looks like an ordinary cardboard box on the inside, but contains an entire communications setup.  This is where The Trap will be hiding.

 Morrisville, NC to Amittyville, NY.  ETA:  10 hours


The Plan


The groundwork for this mission was laid out on 05 May, 2000.  Alan placed a call to The Mole to determine if the surprise could take place on the 6th.  Due to the limited amount of time, the operation could not take place on the 6th.  (Postponed 1 week)


 T-minus 7 Days until Operation Gotcha:

The team went to Plan B, and scheduled The Hit to take place the following week (Mother’s Day).  Here’s a rundown of what our second favorite Operative told The Target: 

  1. Shelly schedules the weekend activities (i.e., no Lists)
  2. We’ll relax, and maybe go out for some dinner and dancing (nice touch by the way)

Meanwhile, Heidi (she’s the favorite Operative) is tasked with some misdirection.  A well-timed call to The Target, will accomplish this.  Indicating that the two North Carolina operatives will be busy the following weekend, our Target is told about a bogus two-day dive trip.  To further confuse our Target, she’s told that said diving trip is a surprise to Alan.  While this deception is being played out to our Target on the phone, Alan is listening in, and laughing silently.  Our plan is proceeding nicely.


T-minus 4 Days until Operation Gotcha:

The plan is to call The Target once the operatives arrive in Amittyville, N.Y.  This call will be done from a low-tech, non-traceable communication device (a payphone at a gas station down the street).  There, it’s Alan’s job to sound excited about the “surprise” dive trip.  The following is a rough plan of how this dialog was supposed to go:


[Telephone rings…]





Alan: Hey Mom!


Mom:  Hi.  What are you doing?


Alan: Well, Heidi surprised me with a two-day diving trip off the coast!


Mom: [Sounding a bit smug]  I know.  She told me about the surprise a few days ago.


Alan: [Feigning shock, but inwardly chuckling]  She’s sooo sneaky.  Well, I wanted to call you and wish you a happy Mother’s Day since we’ll be on a boat for the next couple of days.


Mom: That’s so nice.  Have a safe trip.


Alan: Thanks Mom.  Love you.  Here’s Heidi.


Heidi: Happy Early Mother’s Day!


Mom: Thanks.  That’s so thoughtful.  Did you surprise him?


Heidi: [Also inwardly chuckling] Ohhhh yes.  He couldn’t believe it.


Mom: Thanks again.  Be safe.  Love you.


Heidi: Love you too, Mom.  By the way, we’ve got a question for Shelly about a drug interaction.  Can I talk to him?


Mom: Sure.  I’ll put him on.


Shelly: Hello?


Heidi: Synchronize watch for go on Operation Gotcha in 5 minutes!


Shelly: [Speaking loudly so The Target can hear]  It should be fine.  Just make sure you take it with water.  [That’s code for:  Operation Gotcha to commence in 5 minutes.]


 At that point, our Operatives will have 5 minutes to get prepared.  That is:

  1. Alan will be inside the Box strategically placed outside the garage.
  2. Heidi will be located out of sight, but recording everything once the sting takes place.
  3. Shelly will be leading our Target to the trap.  How?  Who knows!  (Sometimes operatives just have to wing it.)


T-minus 2 Days until Operation Gotcha:

To ascertain whether The Mole has successfully duped our Target, Alan decides to call her and see how things are going.  The conversation between the two is a bit odd; strained even.  Here's what's going on:

Alan asks what The Target is doing for the upcoming weekend.  He knows EXACTLY what she's doing, but he's got to play it cool, or else the entire operation could be ruined.  She tells him that The Mole has the whole weekend planned.  She mentions the possibility of dancing, and sounds excited.  The Target asks our Operative what he's doing for the weekend.  She's playing it cool, because she doesn't want to blow the "surprise".  Our Agent gives a fantastic performance convincing her that he knows nothing about the surprise trip.  It's the old He knows, but pretends not to know, while She thinks She knows but doesn't know, and He really knows!

T-minus 1 Days until Operation Gotcha:

After some discussion between the two North Carolina Operatives, it’s decided that there should be no telephone call on the day of the Operation.  Our concern was to minimize the risk of the Operation being blown.  After all, our target is crafty and wily, and might think something's up. 

Problem:  How do we locate our New York Operative?  He’s got a second job, and we don’t know how to contact him.  (You see, being an Operative, while sounding intriguing, doesn’t really pay a whole lot.  Actually, it doesn’t pay a thing.)  We know what company our Operative works at, but we don’t know the exact store location, and there are dozens of them.  Heidi takes the challenge, and starts calling the list of stores.  After 3 or 4, she gets it.

After a brief conversation, all agree to the new plan, and we synchronize our watches.  The time for our Operation is 09:00 hours on the 13th.  At precisely 09:00, our Mole is to position our Target outside of the garage to view the box.  How is he going to do it?  Like I said, sometimes operatives just have to wing-it.


T-minus 10 Hours until Operation Gotcha:

The packing and equipment selection has taken place, and our Operatives start off on the critical part of the Op.  If they arrive too late, the whole Operation could be blown.  If they arrive too early, they might fall asleep in the Jeep, thereby causing them to arrive too late.  The timing is critical to the success of the Operation!

During the trip, the only semi-interesting thing (it’s 3 A.M. after all) we saw was the Washington Monument, and the Capital Building.  They looked about 10 miles away, so they weren’t all that impressive.


T-minus 45 minutes until Operation Gotcha:

The Operatives arrive with some time to spare.  We arrive at the location and debate whether or not to start early.  We spot a neighbor, and discuss amongst ourselves whether or not to try and use her for the Op.  (Operatives get anxious too!)  We decide to stick with the plan and wait it out.


T-minus 5 minutes until Operation Gotcha:

We’re in place with the equipment.  Unbeknownst to us, The Mole had temporarily deputized two neighbors, Paul and Angela, to aid in the Operation.  They were tasked with telling our Target about a delivery.  The idea was that the lawn furniture that was supposed to be delivered the day before was delivered and just dropped off.  Furthermore, the box that was delivered (the one that Alan will be in), is the wrong one.  Our mole is “confused” by this, and gets our Target to survey the situation.

After some hushed discussion (and laughter) with our Jr. Agents, Alan gets in the box.  The others close the box, and Heidi looks for a good place to stay out of sight, but close enough to get the goods on our Target.


T-plus 1 minute after Operation Gotcha:

Our fearless agent is still in the box.  Our Jr. agents have communicated with Shelly, and have determined that The Target is just getting out of the shower.


T-plus 2 minutes after Operation Gotcha:

With our agent still in the box, he finally hears the garage door opening.  At last!  We’re moments away from the surprise of the century.  All of the Operatives are talking to our Target about the delivery.  Our Target sounds confused, and goes to open the box…


The Results


Was the Operation successful?  You decide…


Click on me!    

Download Instructions:

Click on the camera image above. Another web window will open.  Click on the "mi4.rm" link, and the movie should start playing.  If it doesn't, you may need to right-click on the"mi4.htm" link, and select "Save Target As...", making sure you save the file to your desktop.  Then double-click to watch the movie.


This is a fairly large file (around 3MB), and may take awhile to download (anywhere from 10-20 minutes).  It is DEFINITELY worth it though!