6yrs old Lars
May 23, 2008  (party May 10)

Lars 6th Birthday -
Grandma and Poppi came to visit. We all had a blast.

May 23rd We have a 6 year old!  
Lars turned 6 today and we all woke him up by singing happy birthday to him. After getting ready for school we opened gifts and then off we went. At the end of the day we all came home and had the Clements family over for our annual dual birthday celebration. Remember that Lars and Callie were born on the same day just hours apart and went all through preschool together from just a few months old. We had a great time with BBQ burgers/dogs and then water play time in the yard. We also had a great time with a new Balloon rocket toy. We then celebrated with Cookies and ice cream with a candle of course. Callie spent the night and the next day Lars went skating with her and played at her house all day. It was a very fun and exciting weekend for the birthday kids.
Good Morning Birthday Boy! Anya got all dressed up for brothers birthday. Kendall, Anya, Callie and Lars waiting for the next balloon launch