Christmas Break 2009 & Beech Mountain, NC

We all had time off between Christmas and New Years and were torn with just staying home, going to the beach or heading to the mountains. We decided we would have a parent 'staycation'. Alan and I would stay home and play while we sent the kids to the YMCA Monday-Wednesday.  We had so much fun and the kids had a blast playing all day too. It was great for Alan and I to have so much time together, going shopping, out to lunch and goofin' around the house. 

On Tuesday I was looking at the weather forecast and noticed they were predicting snow in the mountains. We then decided it would be fun to go up for some tubing for a couple of days. So New Years Eve morning we headed up to Beech Mountain.  Our intention was to hit the tubing and zip line at Hawksnest resort, but it was tough to find a condo last minute.  Beech Mountain was about 20 min further and the highest elevation in the Blue Ridge Mountains. It would just be a quick drive to tubing, no sweat.

We checked into our condo at the Pinnacle Inn Resort, unpacked and headed out to play in the snow with our sleds.  There was a pretty good hill just down the road near the village and loads of others with the same idea. It was in the 20's out and very little time left prior to dusk.  We lasted all of 20 min, when we all decided it was way too cold. Plans were to go to Hawksnest NY Day. That evening we enjoyed the indoor pool, hot tub and game room at the condo. (Actually this was a common activity thru the weekend).

Friday morning we were up and there was icy frozen snow. Well, let's just say there was snow in the forecast, but they neglected to mention the WIND. It was freezing, actually never even made it to freezing. We hung out in the condo waiting for it to warm up a bit and for the wind to die down.  We atop a mountain and a small icy windy road down to go tubing. In fact the tubing probably wasn't open as the weather was so bad.

Finally mid day, the kids had a little cabin fever, so I took them out to play in the crunchy snow. It was fun and after about 20 min they had enough and wanted to get warm. We went back to the condo and picked up Alan then headed out to the village to get some lunch and check things out.  Later that afternoon, we gave sledding another try. And it was too much fun. The kids really worked up some speed.

Saturday morning and it was time to head home. we left and it was about 5 degrees, 35-40mph winds and snowing (a blizzard perhaps?). It was funny on the drive home, Lars kept saying he wished he could see a "real blizzard".  We kept telling him this was it. Then he would say "no, a real one." We finally gave up on that conversation. No matter, we made it home and had fun.
Getting ready to go play for NY eve. NY eve afternoon, and it was very cold.  We lasted about 20 min and then it was so cold and getting dark. The kids had a blast. Happy New Years Day.  It was another cold and windy day. Too cold to go tubing, so we went out to play a couple of times. Time to head home and it is a blizzard with 35-40mph winds as well as about 5 degrees. When you turn the corner to the parking lot the wind BLASTS you. Lars loved trying to fight the wind and Anya was going to melt or have a melt down. It was a slow moving trek down the hill. The car showed outside temp at 1degree. Brrrr.