8 - 9 yrs
May 23, 2010 - May 23, 2011

May 23, 2010 Lars turns 8!
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Happy 8th birthday Lars

5/23/10 Lars had quite the birthday.  Happy 8th Birthday Lars!
Grandma Linda made an AWESOME Harry Potter Cake and as usual Lars is sporting the Wagoner family bday hat. Lars, Anya and Grandma! time for gifts Very thrilled to finally get a bean bag chair Yippee, racquet ball gear
          He performed his 1st Duathlon on the American Tobacco Trail (ATT)     
Video of Finish

Age Category

 Distances* - Run1/Bike/Run2

8-10 .7 mi/3 mi/.7 mi

Pre race with Grandma and Daddy (Volunteer) Mrs Thompson (teacher) and Mr Eller (PE teacher) would be proud of their athletic 2nd graders!!! Great Job Lars, Cassianne, and Will. 8-10 yr olds at the start line And they are off Will and Lars neck and neck the entire race Transition 1 from Run to Bike Transition 2 from Bike back to Run Coming in at the finish 27 min on the nose!
Results:      Approximately 80 kids raced ages 5-17.

Washington DC - Memorial Weekend 2010

June 12-13, 2010  Alan Track time a Carolina Motorsports Park, Kershaw South Carolina
The kids had a blast watching daddy, even though it was 100+ and humid as all get out.  Each time Alan would fly by on the straight closest to us, Lars would run along side the fence. Each time, Lars would ask "Did I beat daddy?".  :-)  I figure Lars was maybe doing 6-7 mph and Alan may 140mph.  (Alan's write-up here.)  VIDEO
Look for the Black leathers, Red helmet with white strip and white bike, black tires.


July 31- Aug 1, 2010     Lars and Alan each complete a Triathlon!
The Wagoner PRIDE cup is full today! It's official, we have 3 triathletes in the Wagoner house! Anya is showing some interest, maybe next year. Lars wants to do a full sprint or Relay with Alan and Me. I can swim, Alan can kick it on the bike and Lars can do a 5k in under 30. You never know, may be a good idea.

Lars  - He did great, it is just amazing how calm and cool he is throughout the race.  Anya is just tickled and proud. She was right there to cheer Lars along the way whenever he came by.   VIDEO
setting up transition time to mark up the body of racer 226 showing how strong they are Happy campers with Grandma Alan with the bullhorn, he's a great volunteer Lars waiting to enter the water and proud of Daddy volunteering Lap number 1 complete Anya cheering him on at the turn Anya running along side Lars and cheering him on Finish Line... Lars soon crossed. Ta Da!  2nd Triathlon Complete!

July / Aug 2010 Wacky Wednesday at Camp "O" - They dressed up every week, I just neglected to get pix and post.

"Rock Stars" - Lars was Brett Michaels and Anya was Hannah Montana. It was a stretch, but we worked with supplies we had on hand.  :-)

"Xmas in July" - Anya was Mrs. Santa and Lars was a Christmas Toy

- :-) 

Aug 2010 - 1st Day of School
Anya is in Kindergarten and Lars is in 3rd grade.

Aug 27-29, 2010  Camp Rockmont - 4th year Trailblazers
Alan and Lars had a fantastic weekend away with their Y tribe. 
Friday was river rafting, as you can tell they were miserable!  :-)  Lars can't wait to go again.

They also did loads of activities at camp: archery, shooting range, zip line, and more including the Blob!  link to Alan Blobbing Doug

Happy Halloween 2010
We had so much fun this year. Gone are the little cutie costumes and on to the dark and scary phase. 2 days of trick or treat this year. Saturday we dressed up and stopped by a friends party, then off to downtown Apex for some store front trick or treat time.  After that it was dinner at Red Robin!  Sunday was Halloween and again we dressed up. The kids ran to a few houses to trick or treat, but wanted to rush home to hand out candy and of course SCARE kids.  Lars was poised aside our 2 scarecrows and blended in. We had the strobe light and scary music in the background to help set the scene. When the prey approached he pounced and it was a riot.  Funny enough the kids 5-9 didn't really get scared, but the teen agers did. Every last one of them jumped and even told Lars that he was awesome and to keep that up. On pair of teen age girls stared at Lars for about 5 seconds and even asked it he was real. We said no, and then he pounced and grrrrddd.  They jumped and it was a success. 


11/6/10 A fun night with the Clements family with a little Rock Band and a Bonfire!

Thanksgiving 2010 click here

Our first snow 12/4/10  The kids are so excited for our first snow this winter season. We have high hopes for it to stick so we can sled tomorrow. Not likely, but we can dream.

Christmas in Orlando 2010  - click here for pictures

1/14/11 - Friday night fun at Dreamsports, then home for a sleep over (Callie, Anya, Jason and Lars).
Wake up the next morning to 2011 chocolate chip pancakes!

1/22/11 - 1st Basketball game for Lars (12)

1/29/11 - Yummy grilled chicken for dinner and a "healthy" FUN dippin' dessert! We had a great time and didn't worry about the mess until the end. I think the kids went a little overboard with the chocolate.

Feb 18-22 Ski trip to Wintergreen, VA  Slideshow

March 6, 2011 - Nice Sunday Walk
Almost made it! Started out on our 2 mile walk around Apex community lake. 1/2 way around the lake, we started telling stories of big foot and were looking at the white clouds ahead.  Then behind us was a rumble. We turned around and it was black. Just then a man turns the corner on his bike from behind us. Anya and I screamed, due to the big foot stories and the dark rumbling in the sky.  The man laughed and said "I didn't know I was that scary".  Needless to say we had a good laugh. Then we all took bets on when the rain would come. I voted 10 min, Lars 13 min and Anya 3 min.  About 30 second later all of the trees roared, darkness arrived along with serious buckets of rain. We ran around the next corner and hung out in a porta potty for a few brief minutes, to see if it would pass. No luck! Off we went for the next mile running walking and everything in between. There were a few others stuck out on the lake like us. A lady going the other direction around that we had passed on the other side, passed us again.  We all laughed at the situation and she said "At least your kids will remember this one forever". I have to admit, there was thunder and some lightening, so we were in a rush. Arrived to the car with every bit of us soaked down to the undies! We did have a BLAST!

March 25, 2011  Lars and his new Bike
Lars now has his own dirt bike and loves it!

Easter Weekend 2011 - We took a road trip to South Carolina to go dirt bike and rhino riding.  It was cold rainy and fun.  Lars got a flat tire early in the morning and because of the rain, the trails were far more advanced.  We still had fun the rest of the day, but couldn't fix the flat. Without a working dirt bike, we decided to skip day 2 and instead headed to Carrowinds. Anya, the adrenaline junkie, was finally tall enough to go on some of the big roller coasters. It was great fun.

April/May 2011  Summary (I bought a new computer late March and neglected to set up my web publishing for nearly 2 months because work and home were so busy! So, I am going to do a summary posting for those 2 months.)

May-  So much going on!   Gramma Bev arrived to stay with us for a month, she and Alan have been doing little pranks on each other all month.

Anya and Alan went to their Spring Outing Weekend

Grandma Linda arrived for Mother's Day/Bday weekend. We ate, danced, played and relaxed.

Lars raced in a Duathlon

Gramma Bev threw in a Freaky Friday, everything was backwards, inside out or upside down. Dinner under the table with no utensils.