6 - 7 yrs
May 23, 2008 - May 23, 2009


Lars 6th Birthday Party - Grandma and Poppi came to visit. Lars insisted on having his party at Jellybeans (Roller Rink).  It was fun and comical all at the same time. We can all use a little practice on the skates.

May 17, 2008  Callie's 6th Birthday Party!
Callie had a bowling party and the kids had a blast.

May 23, 2008 Lars 6th Birthday

June 12, 2008 - Lars lost his 1st tooth.
Before                    After

July 2, 2008  Summer Camp
Lars just loves summer camp, but his favorite day is "Wacky Wednesday".  Each Wednesday there is a theme and the kids can dress wacky. Last week was a beach them and this week was Red White and Blue. 
Wacky Wednesday Beach Theme June 25, 2008. Anya is so proud of her brother. Dude it's Wacky Wednesday Beach Theme June 25, 2008 Lars wanted to go all out for this one, so happy 4th of July.

July 3, 2008 More holiday celebration
Little Pros Academy was having a 4th of July parade today, so it was Anya's turn to dress up in a patriotic way. She was the line leader for her parade. It was also family lunch day at summer camp, so we went to meet Lars for lunch and some fun.

July 4th, 2008
We started off our morning by heading to Jordan Lake with a picnic lunch. The kids were just about jumping out of their skin when we pulled up and parked next to the beach. They both yelled out "YEAH, it is a mini vacation!". We had never taken them to the Lake before, but we go again for sure. It was great fun and a perfect way to spend the holiday. We came home for a good nap in the afternoon and then out to buy some fireworks for later. Kate, BJ, Callie and Kendall all came over for some Cherry pie, Wii and fireworks. Just as we started our fireworks show, the sky decided it was time for a show of its own. Within minutes buckets of rain were hitting us with Lightening and thunder everywhere.  We went in the garage and tried to still have a show in the driveway, but didn't work out very well. We will save the rest of the fireworks for another time, so in we go to play the Wii.

July 9,2008  Wacky Wednesday - Spy week
We were at a loss for the "spy look", but came up with this. Lars enjoyed his morning "sneaking" around the house. Just can't tell you enough, how much Lars loves summer camp.
Anya having some sort of fit and Lars is being a spy. Lars sneaking around the house.

July 16,2008  Wacky Wednesday - Pirate week

July 18-20, 2008
Long weekend to Carowinds theme park
Alan's glider flight

August 2-3 Our 1st Family camping trip with a tent!
It was blazing hot out and camping didn't seem like such a great idea, but it was our only free weekend for weeks. That said we decided to go camping anyway and give it a trial run. What could we lose? We were just 7 miles from home, so worst case we would go home. We headed out to Jordan Lake around 2pm on Saturday. by 3pm camp was all set up and we were heading for a refreshing swim in the lake. Around 5pm the Clements Family joined us and brought dinner along, so a camping we will go!  It was a relaxing time and great fun for us all. The number one activity by all was building the fire and roasting marshmallow's. We also made s'mores, but just plain old roasted marshmallow's were the tops.  The kids also enjoyed hunting for firewood and kindling as well as going for a late night dip in the lake.
Lars roasting a hot dog on a stick Yummy 4 orange beads and YOU ARE OUT!  LOL Anya with a mouth full of marshmallow Baby Kendall hangin out watching the fire Kendall and Daddy (BJ)

August 6, 2008  Wacky Wednesday "Blast from the past"
We had to get creative last minute this time, but we did it. Peace out!

August 13,2008  Wacky Wednesday - Camp O Rocks! 
Lars attends Camp Outer Limits and this week he wanted to dress up like a Camp O counselor. He decorated a cutout like to logo on their shirts and wore sunglasses. He had a roll sheet with all of the counselors names as the students.  Just one more week of camp and Lars can't wait until next summer to go back.  Anya keeps asking when she gets to go to camp with Lars. She is dressed up for water play day at pre school.

August 20, 2008 Last Wacky Wednesday - Hillbilly Day

August 24, 2008 The Zoo
It was the day before school started and we needed to keep Lars preoccupied, Alan need to prep his bike for his upcoming track day, so Heidi and kids went to the zoo.

August 25, 2008 Lars starts First Grade. He actually came home happy from school and said he likes it! Yeah!

Rock Band - October 2008
The kids love playing rock band. Lars is on bass, Anya is singer dancer, Alan is the drummer and Mommy is the occasional singer.

October 19, 2008 - 1st time for Lars riding his bike with no training wheels

Oct 31 - Nov 3, 2008 Halloween weekend at Disney World with Grandma, Poppi and Grandma Bev

Utah Family! November 2008  Grandma Bev, Karen and Eric were all here to visit. We had a great time playing Rock Band with them and the Clements Family too.

Thanksgiving weekend 2008 at Snowshoe Mountain, West Virginia
Click here for details and pictures.

Christmas 2008  Myrtle Beach, SC
Click here for details and pictures.  

January 20, 2009 - Snow Day
We woke up this morning to about 3 inches of snow and it has continued all day. At 1:30pm we were just over 5 1/2 inches and still going.  This is the most snow we have seen in a single day in our 8 years here. Schools were closed so I was home with the kids.


January 24-26, 2009 New York!
We spent the weekend with Grandma and Poppi and had a blast. Saturday we all met up with Janet, Jerry, Wade and Frankie at Dave & Busters. We all had a great time eating and playing all of the games.

Later that night we all had dinner at Grandma and Poppi's with Matt, Colleen, Matt and Joseph. It was great fun.

Sunday we just took it easy in the morning and then Grandma, Heidi, Lars and Anya all headed into NY City on the train. It was very cold, about 26', but it was loads of fun. We went to the Little Mermaid and it was spectacular. After the show, we had "connections" and met up with King Triton (Norm Lewis- he is Anya's teacher Miss Tammie's cousin) backstage. Then off to Times Square and back on the train to Amityville.  A sample of the Little Mermaid on YouTube  Click Me

February 2009
I got a little behind with updating the web, so here are a few pictures from the month. Valentines was a fun day. Daddy took the kids to swim lessons and upon their return home, the kitchen was done up Valentines style. :-) The kids made a card and Lars was planning his surprise for Alan for weeks. He wanted to dress up like a cupid and jump out of a big box. We improvised a bit and had him just out of a basket covered with a Valentines table cloth.

Lars was studying nursery rhymes at school and he had a couple of projects this month. He had to make a 3D representation of his favorite nursery rhyme and he also had to dress up as a nursery rhyme character.

March 10, 2009
We had a fun night out with the Clements girls after school/work. We walked to Chick-fil-a from our house and had dinner. They had face painting available that night, so Anya and Lars raced over to get painted.

Myrtle Beach March 26-29, 2009  
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April 2, 2009   Crazy Day at school for Lars.
He really wanted a pony tail Mohawk and well you can see the rest. His shirt is inside out,2 different shoes and his jacket is upside down. He is one fearless kid. I don't think I would have had the guts to be so goofy in school. He loves the attention.

April 12, 2009   Happy Easter!
Lars said he woke up around 4am waiting for the Easter bunny to arrive. Not sure if that is so, but that is what he said. We all were up and around by about 7:30am and it was very apparent the Easter Bunny had not hit our house yet. Lars had been checking the front and back yard all morning. He also reported that the eggs they colored were still in the fridge. We just couldn't figure out how the Easter Bunny was going to hide the eggs.  About an hour later Lars did another check out front, nope nothing there.  He did a quick scan of the backyard from the window and said it was possible. He took a closer look from another window and confirmed, yes the Easter Bunny must have come. He did one final check in the fridge, WOW! the eggs were gone. This was a sure sign the Easter Bunny had visited. How was this possible?  We were all sitting in the family room watching cartoons.  Oh well, who cares how he did it?  Let's go see what he left!

April 18, 2009 Rock Band Party  CLICK HERE for PIX

April 19, 2009 Relaxing Sunday and the day Nephew/Cousin Carson Gilbert Cisneros was born. 
Carson Gilbert Cisneros  8lb 4oz  21 1/2 in

The kids are really enjoying going for bike rides in the neighborhood. Today we road via the greenway to the lake and fed the ducks/geese. Then over to the neighborhood playground for a quick swing.

May 2, 2009  Carson is Home!
Karen, Eric and Carson are all finally home from the hospital. Yippee!  We called their answering machine and all yelled "Welcome home Carson".  Karen called us later in the day and said she saw our number on caller ID but hadn't listed to the message yet, as it was number 26 on the machine.  They should get a kick out of it when they do have the time to listen. :-)  The Wagoner's had a pretty fun/busy day today. We were up early and at the Home Depot for the monthly kids apprentice workshop. Both kids build a little wheel barrel. After that it was off to have Anya's hair trimmed and to the bagel store. Unfortunately, we love bagels.

Later we had lunch, then Alan took Anya to a birthday party. Lars and I were off to the American Tobacco trail for a "real" bike ride. We had a blast and it was a beautiful day. We rode a total of 8.5 miles in about 1hr 45min, so I was impressed with my lil guys legs pumping away.  We did stop several times for water, stretching, searching for golf balls in the woods and wiping bugs off of Lars face. LOL 

Oh that was a riot. Lars was not wearing his sunglasses, which won't happen again, and a big bug zapped him just outside his left eye.  I checked it out and saw nothing, but told him "oh man, you have some nasty bug guts on your face".  We laughed and went through the motions to remove the "bug guts", washing with water.  For the next 30 min, I could see he was always wiping his face and his body would do a quick quiver.  I asked him what was up and he said he can still feel it on his face. Oh it was fun! By the way, the remainder of the ride I called him "Buggy Wagoner". He loves his new nickname.

May 3, 2009   Fun day at the Dream Sports Center
We recently discovered this place via friends at work and thought we'd check it out. We stopped by on Friday night and the kids just didn't want to leave. The owner informed us of a free festival they were having on Sunday, so we spent the better part of the day doing ALL of the activities! Anya gave skating a whirl, but was absolutely fascinated with the Cheerleaders and took "lessons".  We've never seen her so attentive, maybe this is her calling.  Lars was in the blades most of the time playing hockey or just skating. When he did take them off, he tried Lacrosse and LOVED it.  We zipped over to play it again sports to get some Lacrosse gear so he can practice at home.