5 - 6 yrs
May 23, 2007 - May 23, 2008


Lars 5th Birthday Party - Grandma and Poppi came to visit. We shared a party with Callie at Bullwinkle's and the kids all had a blast.  Poppi sent us a tomato seed kit. We planted the seed and watered them every day. When Poppi came to visit, we planted them in a bigger container together.

May 23, 2007 Lars 5th Birthday
Lars and Callie had a great birthday today at school and at home.

Memorial Weekend, May 2007 -
Mom and Karen came to visit. Alan showed off his new bike and Callie and family came over to play. We had a WONDERFUL weekend!

School Pictures

Graduation Day June 1, 2007
Lars Graduated from Pre-K
- Lars led the graduates down the hall to the ceremony. They sang songs showing off their knowledge of the Alphabet, Numbers, Colors, Spanish and much more. It was just ADORABLE!

Cousin Jordan graduated from Elementary School. Jordan received the Sparthenian of the year award. That is the award for academics, sports, helping others in the class room. His teacher said so many nice things. We were so proud of him today.
Jordan received the Sparthenian of the year award.  That is the award for academics, sports, helping others in the class room.  His teacher said so many nice things.  We were so proud of him today. Ashley, Jordan and Kathy

July 4th, 2007 vacation in Philadelphia
We were off to Philly for 4 days and only had plans to go to Sesame Place. We arrived on the 4th of July and rested for a bit, then off to Washington Crossing. We had just missed an independence day show, but were able to see them packing up the cannon. Thursday and Friday we spent about 8 hours each day at Sesame Place. Thursday was rainy all day, so we pretty much had the park to ourselves. We figured it was a water park, so we would be wet anyway. Friday it was very sunny and a bit more crowded, but still not too bad. We sure had fun. Lars went all of the rides on his own and Anya did most of them as a passenger. As you may have guessed, we don't have loads of pictures on the rides as it was a water park. We did manage to take several pictures anyway. 
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August 2007 Grandma Wella
Grandma Wella, Grandma Linda and Poppi came to visit and we had a great time. We cooked, danced, swam, toured the surrounding area and Alan's new office and had a wonderful visit.

August 2007 Lars dressed up for "Wacky Wednesday" at summer camp
Lars attended summer camp at the YMCA from June-Aug and LOVED it. Every Wednesday was wacky Wednesday and he dressed up along with the theme for that week.
70's week Pirate week

August 30th and 31st, 2007 - Lars is in Kindergarten
Lars started school this week. His 1st day was an "assessment" day on August 31st. They have the new students do various activities to see where they are with their skills. Some of the activities are counting as hi as you can, bouncing a ball, listening to directions, repeating a story, repeating words etc...
Lars said it was all stuff he already knew.  We asked him if they did any math and he said no. Then we said did they have you count and he said yes. He stated he counted to 102 and we were curious why he stopped at that number. He stated the teacher told him it was time to stop. The teachers had the following punctuations on a paper and asked what they were ( ! . ?). Lars rattled off the name for each and the teacher said not many 5-6 year olds know that. Anyway, the next day we found out which of the 6 Kindergarten classes Lars would be in and we were invited to an open house to meet the teacher. Here are some pictures marking this milestone. Sept 4th will be his 1st day in his new class and riding the bus too. YIKES!
1st day of school  8-30-07
Lars on his 1st day of school 8-30-07 School parking lot We are checking in on his 1st day near the Kindergarten hall
Meet the teacher 8-31-07
Lars is very excited for them to call us back to see his classromm Lars next to his cubby Lars found his seat and sat right down The proud parents Sister is happy too

September 2, 2007 Happy Birthday Alan (aka Daddy)
Happy Birthday to you! We forced Alan to wear the "bday hat" Some picture frames for the office and tickets to see Van Halen! Lars sporting the bday hat as a mohawk The kids enjoying the cake they made for daddy

October 2007 - Family Beach weekend 
Click on the picture below to see all pictures.

Happy Halloween 2007 - Cinderella and a Ghost Pirate


October 27, 2007 Fall Festival at Little Pro's Academy

November 3, 2007   A trip to the NC Zoo with the Clements Family

Happy Thanksgiving! 11/22/2007
We had a great day. While waiting for the turkey to cook we had fun playing in the leaves. We all had a go at blowing them away.

Christmas Vacation December 19th -29th, 2007  Link to photo gallery

January 5, 2008 Time for a "sleep over"
The kids just love inviting each other over to their room to spend the night (of course on the weekends only).

January 13, 2008
The weather this winter has been very odd. One week it is in the 70's with record highs and the next in the 40's.  It has been warm all week until today, but that doesn't stop us from our weekend trip to the park.  We had a great time playing and we brought our scooters too. Unfortunately we ran out of room on the camera before we rode the scooters. 

Jokes that Lars gets a kick out of telling us.
   The sun is telling the cannon ball "No do not hit me". The Cannon Ball is saying "Yee! If you will next time wait your turn, I would not have to do this". Not sure what it means, but thought it was funny.

January 26, 2008  Lars and Alan went to the Monster Truck Jam along with their Y Guide tribe.

Writing by Lars February 2008
Lars created his own word search game and had me find "I Love You"

March 1, 2008 - Lars is also taking swim lessons and is thrilled to have Mr. Mike as his instructor. Lars is focusing on fine tuning his stroke, breathing on the side and floating on his back.

March 2008 Update
Lars has been falling asleep within 10 min after going to bed. He has been exhausted, but is doing extremely well with his reading and math. He is still hooked on homophones (word with same pronunciation with diff meaning and spelling). I searched google for homonyms and found there are 2 camps to the meaning.  On the one side they say it is synonymous to homophone and on the other they say it is a word with the same spelling and pronunciation, but different meaning. I am not sure which is "correct" but Lars loves it all. (Dear/Deer, See/Sea, Do/Due/Dew, he can go on forever).

Writing and Art by Lars - for the past few weeks Lars has been extremely interested in creating 3D shapes, trying to write in cursive and coming up with every homophone he can think of.
He 1st drew the 3D pictures, then the 2D, then matched them up. 1st time writing in cursive

March 15, 2008 Sleep over with Callie
Callie came over last night to spend the night. We started the evening with painting some wooden shapes in the basement, then badminton out in the back yard until dark. After that it was time to come inside and make chocolate chip cookies and then exercise with the kids on TV. We just love the exercise on demand channel through our cable provider. Anyway, our kids just love this program and Callie did too. The kids played a few games and about 10pm it was up to bed. HA! Notice I did not say sleep, just "bed". :-)  Lars conked out about 11pm and the girls were up chatting until after midnight. They all fell asleep and up at the crack of dawn, well 7-9am. We had homemade pancakes for breakfast and to celebrate St. Patrick's Day and Easter they were green clovers and blue bunnies. After breakfast it was off to swim lessons, then swimming with Callie after lessons, Chick-fil-a for lunch and home for the ever requested Badminton again. We played games and tinkered around and then brought Callie home around 2pm. The kids just LOVE having her over. 

Easter Weekend 2008
Wow, what a great few days we have had. We began celebrating Easter on Thursday with an egg hunt at Anya's school. Anya and I arrived home that night to find that Lars and Alan had made dinner for us. There were all dressed up ready to serve us our dinner.  Friday, the kids were both out of school and stayed home with Mommy. We played outside in the morning and then we all went to have lunch with Daddy at work. We then spent the full afternoon at the pool swimming. That evening it was time to color the eggs. Saturday was morning swim lessons, then off to the Simon's house for an Easter Party. Oh what fun that was, full of activities and hundreds of eggs for the hunt.
The little flower bed in our front yard.
     On the way to swim lessons
Easter at the Simon's House

Easter Sunday, Lars kept looking out in the front yard and was upset the Easter bunny had not arrived yet. He then wrote a note telling the bunny that we will give him carrots if he comes. He hung the note on the front door and was searching the fridge for carrots. The rest of the family was upstairs, as we came downstairs... there was Lars outside with the front door open. He had found a bag of salad with carrot shavings and was throwing it on the front lawn to entice the Easter bunny to come. After he was done, the kids were just looking out the window to the back yard and realized the Easter Bunny did come! He just tricked them and came to the back yard rather than the front. Oh the excitement was difficult for them to contain and off they went with their baskets.

Jamaica - Spring Break 2008   Pictures and journal here

Visit with Grandma Bev April 22 - May3, 2008
Lars and Grandma Bev playing The balloon bounce show by the Amazing Lars and Princess Anya Just hanging out on the back porch We are sad, time for grandma to go to the airport

May 6, 2008   Haircut
We were up getting ready for school/work this morning and I was brushing Anya's teeth, when I noticed a clump of hair on the floor. It was blonde and about 2 inches long, with very straight edges on one side and natural looking on the other. I walked over to the railing and yelled down to Lars, who was eating breakfast, "did you cut your hair?"  He said "huh?"  then I repeated the question again and then again. Finally he answered, "just a little bit". Oh, I just couldn't wait to get downstairs to see the results and actually it wasn't too bad.  I did have a little work to do to make it appear somewhat even, as we were leaving for school in 10 minutes.
1st hair cut on his own 
We have been thinking about giving Lars his summer haircut, so I guess tonight was now going to be the night. We had a bit of fun with the summer cut and decided to start with a Mohawk and then end with his standard buzz.